12 October 2008

Is this centered?

Originally uploaded by cleartrampoline

I took this picture of Eli the other day, and I was like, hey, this is a good one, and he was all like, let me see, and I showed him, and then he was all like, yeah, it's ok, but it's off centered. And I'm like, uh, duh, I did that on purpose. Not really a riveting story but a story non-the-less. See, I see things differently through that little viewfinder. Things don't have to be centered y'all. Off center is good. Better. Maybe even best.


  1. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Off center - that must be why you love me.
    And the picture is fine. Very nice even.

  2. thanks GLORIA for leaving a comment on my blog and for stopping by. :)
    And BTW, I'm a little off center myself, like, you know, a little to the left. :)

  3. Anonymous3:55 PM

    You're welcome, CAMILLE.



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