25 September 2008


Dude, I know I've been super lazy today, waking up at 11:30 and all, playing the Sims 2 all day and all, but shoot. That's what you're supposed to do on your day off right? I actually did get something done today, I found a couple of good leads on apartments on craigslist, I did some laundry, I made coffee. Ok, maybe making coffee doesn't could as productivity, but it's something. If only Passions was still on I would be watching it right now. I miss that show. For the love of Nancy why did they cancel it?!?! Anyone? Anyone?

You know what's awesome? Locking your keys in your car.
Actually. That isn't awesome. But it is awesome when you know someone who is super rad (yeah, Eli, you're super rad) and can, with some magical voodoo (some call it a wire coat hanger, others call it math), get your door open so said keys can be rescued without the hassle of say, paying locksmiths or driving to a friends house for a spare key, or, god forbid, make your sister drive all the way from hood river to unlock it.

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