09 September 2008

This is why I don't have a dog

Zeke is my brother's dog, who often sleeps in my room, sometimes on my bed (I have a special Zeke blanket so he doesn't mess with the beauty that is my bed). He's nice to have around, and I'll admit I was beginning to feel a little sad about moving and not being able to hang out with him anymore (as well as my lovely other roomies Zack, Raine, and baby Mckinzie and the other dog of the house Red). Well, Zeke made it a little easier for me to leave him when this morning around 5 am he decided to do the most disgusting thing a dog could possibly do in my room. I won't bore (or disgust) you with the details, but I will say this: How I managed to clean that shit up without vomiting at 5 am is a miracle. Gross gross gross.
Thanks Zeke!

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