05 September 2008

Must. Kill. Time. For. One. More. Hour.

Dang. I was going to embed a Justin Timberlake video from youtube on here, but apparently he's too cool to let people blog his videos. Lame. I really wanted to share Lovestoned/I think she knows Interlude with y'all. Thwarted. That's a good word... thwarted. I likey. Anyway I've said it before and I'll say it again, he's like the new Michael Jackson. I know, not an original thought. But one I can get behind. I was cracking up when I saw this picture of him:

A. Wet t-shirt? I thought that was like a slutty girl thing? 2. He can't play the guitar, can he? Then why is he carrying one around like that, and p.s. water + guitar = ruined guitar. Duh.

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