08 September 2008

It's electrifyin'!

You're the one that I want!

It's Monday y'all. I have officially less than a week left at my current job, which means that I have to blog a ton a ton a ton, because who knows when I'll get the chance, the future is so up in the air, in a good way though. :) I'm excited.

And I had one of the raddest weekends ever.

Friday I got to hang out with some of my favorite peeps (Meg and Robb), went to a cool restaurant/pub that I had never been to (Produce Row) and got to see one of my favorite bands (TV on the Radio).

Saturday I got to hang out with my internet boy (Eli) at a cool place I've always wanted to go to (Japanese Gardens) and then hang out again with a fore mentioned favorite peeps and go see another one of my favorite bands (The Shaky Hands).

Sunday I went to the mall, a popular haunt of internet boy and I, where we went to the coolest stores in the mall (Marshall's & Ross) (sarcasm), met up with my friend Windowsmear (Sara), went over to her house to eat pizza and watch The Venture Bros. with her hubby (Chad), and then saw the best Batman movie ever (The Dark Knight) for the second time in theaters.

Good good times all around. I love you Portland! See you soon!

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