05 September 2008


I'm in a really good mood right now (sarcasm) and I just read an article about the Shaky Hands in the Willamette Week, which, you know, yay, but I can't be excited about it because there is a hair on my ipod and I have an entire week left in this heckhole and I forgot to take my 'loft yesterday. I'm getting jittery jangly zaps and there ain't shit to be done about it except listen to Nirvana (because yes, they rule!) and drink a lot of coffee.

Ok, listen to the song Loosen Up by the Shaky Hands - oh wait, you can't! That album isn't out yet. Instead, look at this picture of 7 dudes, that's right, 7, on motorcycles riding in a cage that I took at the circus last week. AWESOME!

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