18 September 2008


I'm tired. But I missed my sleep window, which was around midnight. So now I can't fall asleep. Boo. But it's all ok, because I have tomorrow off, and I'm sleeping in a real live bed tonight (courtesy of windowsmear). I gotta find me an apartment like, yesterday. couching with friends is only fun for so long. I don't ever want to outstay my welcome with anyone. I wanna leave 'em beggin' for more. :) Here's a rad pic of Megan and her dog Peabody i took yesterday:

And here's a pic of some lights through a screen window. They're purty. I like lights.

That's just a sneak peak. I've got more lights up my sleeve.
Oh, and p.s. I saw Burn After Reading today. Pretty hilarious. Strange. F-ed up. You know, everything you expect from a Coen Bros movie. Good times.

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