30 September 2008

25 September 2008


Dude, I know I've been super lazy today, waking up at 11:30 and all, playing the Sims 2 all day and all, but shoot. That's what you're supposed to do on your day off right? I actually did get something done today, I found a couple of good leads on apartments on craigslist, I did some laundry, I made coffee. Ok, maybe making coffee doesn't could as productivity, but it's something. If only Passions was still on I would be watching it right now. I miss that show. For the love of Nancy why did they cancel it?!?! Anyone? Anyone?

You know what's awesome? Locking your keys in your car.
Actually. That isn't awesome. But it is awesome when you know someone who is super rad (yeah, Eli, you're super rad) and can, with some magical voodoo (some call it a wire coat hanger, others call it math), get your door open so said keys can be rescued without the hassle of say, paying locksmiths or driving to a friends house for a spare key, or, god forbid, make your sister drive all the way from hood river to unlock it.

23 September 2008


Ok, no more forays into politics for me. I got nothing. I don't read... enough. Someone, anyone, do all my thinking for me, and just tell me what to do, and I'll just watch re-runs of the X Files and paint portraits of kittens and my friends. That's more fun.

P.S. How the hell is ER still on tv? WTF!

Dang Matt Damon, thanks for scaring the shit out of me.

Sure, he's just an actor, but I think he vocalizes some things in this video that I have been thinking about myself. This is like that commercial, where the real person is sitting there and the celebrity translates for them. Thanks to Gloria for posting this on her myspace blog. I just had to repost it though.

21 September 2008


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Ah. The tipsy mirror self portrait. Good times.

20 September 2008


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melancholy and pinot noir mixed with big hair and flowy dress makes camille a silly girl tonight. - direct quote (spelling errors corrected) from a text to eli.

"Is she going to seduce the gardener?" - direct quote from sara windowsmear while watching nightmare castle, part of the collection frightfest! it's totally scary y'all!

creepy organ music = having sex with the gardener. watch out, cuz your husband didn't actually go away like he said he was going to!

Mad Men

This show is soooo F-ing awesome! Oh man. I can't get enough. Love love love!

I love the internet

Good post by Wil Wheaton here. Go read it. Made me laugh out loud twice (actually!) and smile. Good times. :)

My 400th Post

Dang. This is my 400th post. That's a lot of lame stuff.

Anyway... headline of the day: Mystery ship washes ashore in Alabama after Hurricane Ike. A. I love mysteries! 2. This article mentions Hurricane Camille, which was quite a bitch of a hurricane I might add.

I kind of have a headache. Maybe I should stop being lazy and get up and get going to this wedding I gotta get to today. Good times. I have the cutiest outfit to wear! Thank you target! Now I just gotta motivate myself to get up and shave my legs and drive out to Hood River. Hey, didn't I just ditch that place? Why do I gotta go back already? Ugh.

19 September 2008

links and things

Let me see how many links and random (or are they?) photos I can put in one post...
Dude, I'm not really one for watching a lot of cartoons. Ok, that's kind of a lie. I could spend all day watching old Looney Tunes and old Disney cartoons, although I usually don't. But I'm now referring to cartoons of the adult variety, and I don't mean dirty cartoons, get your head out of the gutter kids, I mean, you know, like cartoon network adult swim cartoons, The Simpsons, South Park etc. I mean, I like a little Aqua Teen Hunger Force here and a little Space Ghost Coast to Coast there, but that's about it. Until recently, that is, in which I was introduced to The Venture Bros by Sara and Chad. Hilarious. "I'm practicing being a boyfriend, pop!" Soo funny. Anyway yeah. I think it's probably still like, eh, I'll watch it when it happens to be on but I prolly won't go out of my way to see it, etc. I just can't get that excited about cartoons for some reason.

I am having too much fun out here in the 'burbs staying with my bff Windowsmear aka Sara. It's so nice, what with the cable, and the internet, and the comfy bed, and the central air. Damn you suburbs! Why are you so comfortable! I never wanna leave! I have always had this sick love affair with the 'burbs (as well as with the hit Tom Hanks film The 'burbs). I blame it on that movie and on Edward Scissorhands too, and there is totally a house in this 'burb that is like right outta that movie.

So apparently I have too many websites. According to some people. But you know what I say to that though? BFD. Cuz that's how I roll.

That's enough for now. I guess. I'm gonna go watch some X Files or something.

Bangkok Dangerous (2008)

I've been seeing quite a few movies in the theater lately, thanks to internet boy. Last night was a total stinker though. Written and directed by the same people who wrote and directed the 1999 film Bangkok Dangerous, which, according to imdb, sounds far more interesting than the ridiculous and boring Americanized version one I saw last night starring a gross looking Nicolas Cage. They really went over the top trying to make the film look really nice, and forgot about other important parts of film making, such as story, plot, entertainment. Total stinker.

Burn After Reading

Alright, what day was that? Wednesday I think, that I saw Burn After Reading, the latest film from the Coen Brothers. Another one of them star studded casts, Tilda, Brad, George, John, Francis. You know. Heavyweights. This film was rad! Hilarious, with some of that brutal violence that you are never quite expecting but expect from the Coen Brothers. Good times. Go watch it. Brad Pitt is hilarious in this movie.

Righteous Kill

Saw Righteous Kill on Sunday. Starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, oh, and Donnie Walberg and John Leguizamo. So, you know, star studded cast. Good acting, but it just kinda felt like, heh, haven't we seen this cop movie before? Nothing too surprising, and it was trying to be surprising, I think, but it wasn't. Nothing surprises me anymore since The Usual Suspects I guess. Al Pacino was pretty great though. That guy can act!

18 September 2008


I'm tired. But I missed my sleep window, which was around midnight. So now I can't fall asleep. Boo. But it's all ok, because I have tomorrow off, and I'm sleeping in a real live bed tonight (courtesy of windowsmear). I gotta find me an apartment like, yesterday. couching with friends is only fun for so long. I don't ever want to outstay my welcome with anyone. I wanna leave 'em beggin' for more. :) Here's a rad pic of Megan and her dog Peabody i took yesterday:

And here's a pic of some lights through a screen window. They're purty. I like lights.

That's just a sneak peak. I've got more lights up my sleeve.
Oh, and p.s. I saw Burn After Reading today. Pretty hilarious. Strange. F-ed up. You know, everything you expect from a Coen Bros movie. Good times.

12 September 2008


Damn. I'm all depressed 'cause I just read a really bad review of the Shaky Hands new album. I won't post a link to it here, because I don't want to spread that bile hateful shit, but suffice to say he is wrong, oh so wrong.

Bucket of rusty nails

Bucket of rusty nails
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nails. rusty ones.


Originally uploaded by leifpeng

How rad is this? Totally rad, that's how. Found it on flickr. Uploaded by leifpeng, who uploads awesome retro stuff. Love love love it!


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How 'bout them peepers? She has some pretty eyes.

New Listing at Etsy

Cynical Romance

11 September 2008

Song of the Day

Ignore the slide show vid, just listen to the song. I've had a long love affair with this song, stemming back to the summer E. Bailey got married... what year was that? I'm so bad with time and placing things within it. But this song is good. Really good. And I have been and am going to be listening to it all day. You should do the same.

Is it fall yet? I'm wearing long sleeves and a scarf because it was cold this morning, but I'm sure it will be hot later, in which case I will roll up the sleeves and take off the scarf. But I can't wait til it's proper scarf weather all day long. I love scarves. :)

10 September 2008

State of Being

This is my headspace right now:

Pedro the Lion - Magazine

This line is metaphysical
And on the one side, on the one side
The bad half live in wickedness
And on the other side, on the other side
The good half live in arrogance
And there's a steep slope
With a short rope
This line is metaphysical
And there's a steady flow
Moving to and fro

Oh, look you earned your wings
Are you an angel, now
Or a vulture
Constantly hovering over
Waiting for a big mistake

Oh, my God, what have I done?
Oh, my God, what have I done?

Wouldn't you love to be
On the cover of a magazine?
Healthy skin, perfect teeth
Designed to hide what lies beneath

I feel the darkness growing stronger
As you cram light down my throat
How does that work out for you
In your holy quest to be above reproach?


Ghost Robb

Ghost Robb
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Oh scary Ghost Robb.

So yesterday I kinda started getting this panic attack, or anxiety, or something. It was weird, I just started getting this feeling like I was going to start freaking the fuck out, and it was out of no where, nothing had happened, no catalyst. I popped a pill (it's a perscription y'all, don't worry) and called my sister and it calmed me down, so that was ok, but it was weird.

Tonight there's a little going away type party thinger deal for me after work, which is kind of weird since my last day is Friday, but yeah. Should be interesting.

I can't wait to get to Portland and settle in a bit. That's gonna be nice.

09 September 2008

Killer Zombie Robot!


The Shaky Hands new album Lunglight comes out today y'all! Go buy it here so my friend M. Hoons doesn't have to be a dish washer for the rest of his life! I guarantee it is radical! You won't be disappointed. My favorite tracks are We Are Young, World's Gone Mad, and Show Me Your Life. Oh yeah, and You're the Light. Dang, the whole thing is good. Good good stuff.
P.S. And the song Wake the Breathing Light. Soo good. :)

This is why I don't have a dog

Zeke is my brother's dog, who often sleeps in my room, sometimes on my bed (I have a special Zeke blanket so he doesn't mess with the beauty that is my bed). He's nice to have around, and I'll admit I was beginning to feel a little sad about moving and not being able to hang out with him anymore (as well as my lovely other roomies Zack, Raine, and baby Mckinzie and the other dog of the house Red). Well, Zeke made it a little easier for me to leave him when this morning around 5 am he decided to do the most disgusting thing a dog could possibly do in my room. I won't bore (or disgust) you with the details, but I will say this: How I managed to clean that shit up without vomiting at 5 am is a miracle. Gross gross gross.
Thanks Zeke!

08 September 2008

This is where I wear my heart.


Dude, it's Jonathan Taylor Thomas' birthday. What ever happened to that guy? I just hope he's safe and alive, I've mentioned it before on this blog, but I worry for the child actors, cuz, you know, they get all depressed and shit when they aren't famous anymore, so I gotta spread the good vibrations towards them. Don't pull a Jonathan Brandis! Seriously.
And if JTT wants to come back to tv, that would be rad. I heart you JTT!

It's electrifyin'!

You're the one that I want!

It's Monday y'all. I have officially less than a week left at my current job, which means that I have to blog a ton a ton a ton, because who knows when I'll get the chance, the future is so up in the air, in a good way though. :) I'm excited.

And I had one of the raddest weekends ever.

Friday I got to hang out with some of my favorite peeps (Meg and Robb), went to a cool restaurant/pub that I had never been to (Produce Row) and got to see one of my favorite bands (TV on the Radio).

Saturday I got to hang out with my internet boy (Eli) at a cool place I've always wanted to go to (Japanese Gardens) and then hang out again with a fore mentioned favorite peeps and go see another one of my favorite bands (The Shaky Hands).

Sunday I went to the mall, a popular haunt of internet boy and I, where we went to the coolest stores in the mall (Marshall's & Ross) (sarcasm), met up with my friend Windowsmear (Sara), went over to her house to eat pizza and watch The Venture Bros. with her hubby (Chad), and then saw the best Batman movie ever (The Dark Knight) for the second time in theaters.

Good good times all around. I love you Portland! See you soon!

05 September 2008


I saw these guys once. RAD.

Must. Kill. Time. For. One. More. Hour.

Dang. I was going to embed a Justin Timberlake video from youtube on here, but apparently he's too cool to let people blog his videos. Lame. I really wanted to share Lovestoned/I think she knows Interlude with y'all. Thwarted. That's a good word... thwarted. I likey. Anyway I've said it before and I'll say it again, he's like the new Michael Jackson. I know, not an original thought. But one I can get behind. I was cracking up when I saw this picture of him:

A. Wet t-shirt? I thought that was like a slutty girl thing? 2. He can't play the guitar, can he? Then why is he carrying one around like that, and p.s. water + guitar = ruined guitar. Duh.


I'm in a really good mood right now (sarcasm) and I just read an article about the Shaky Hands in the Willamette Week, which, you know, yay, but I can't be excited about it because there is a hair on my ipod and I have an entire week left in this heckhole and I forgot to take my 'loft yesterday. I'm getting jittery jangly zaps and there ain't shit to be done about it except listen to Nirvana (because yes, they rule!) and drink a lot of coffee.

Ok, listen to the song Loosen Up by the Shaky Hands - oh wait, you can't! That album isn't out yet. Instead, look at this picture of 7 dudes, that's right, 7, on motorcycles riding in a cage that I took at the circus last week. AWESOME!

04 September 2008

Love love love.

You know when you hear a song, and it just grabs you right away and you listen to it psychotically over and over for hours and hours and days and days and it never really leaves you?

Well the last one that did that to me was Wet & Rusting by Menomena I've clocked in over 200 listens to that little song in the last month or so.

And strangely I rediscovered (not that it ever left rotation really) Broke by Modest Mouse and listened to that one like 70 times last week.

Anyway I have a new one. Coats of Ice by Damien Jurado.
Love love love.

You can listen to it here

P.S. Who's seeing TV on the Radio tomorrow? Oh that's right. ME. YAY!

Nancy Drew

This is some Nancy inspired art I did today. Yay for female role models!

More backlog

*These are mine. Don't steal 'em.

Soooo funny.

Oh man. I can't stop laughing. Seriously. This is cracking me up. Saw via Alex Arrowsmith's favorites list on youtube. Watch it!

03 September 2008

Things and things

Have I posted this before? I don't think so. It's some weird thing I made a while ago. Although not random, because there is no such thing... or so I hear. Coincidence also doesn't exist. I heard that too. Neither does the Easter Bunny. But this graphic does!

i like pretty things!

i make shapes:

and more shapes:

bored today.


CNN news story about the frak phenomenon. Ha ha ha ha!

The curse word 'Battlestar Galactica' created

Don't get me wrong...

I love the Kinks. But this version of I'm Not Like Everybody Else by the Chocolate Watchband just beats the shit out of the Kinks version. Totally punched it in the face and left it crying like a baby in the mud. Ok, maybe that's a bit much, the Kinks version is good. But this version is soooo awesome! Check it!

02 September 2008

It's TV Fall Premier Week!

I love love love this time of year. New shows start, it stops being so dang hot all the time, there's all this back to school hoop-la. It's almost like New Years, only better somehow. We should move New Years Eve to September. That's my vote. Anyway, I know you are all super shocked to hear that I am super excited for the premier of the new 90210 tonight. I mean, its going to be so awesome. Check out this rad download from the CW website:

Not cheesy at all. Wait. Uh, totally cheesy. Dang. I'm so excited! I love teen dramas! Especially cheesy ones! I haven't been into one in a while, either. I think. Or maybe I have. Who knows.


Originally uploaded by cleartrampoline

I got a bunch of film developed, like 7 rolls, yesterday. A bunch of stuff from my NYC trip in 2006. Makes me really miss my Pentax. She's lonely in a cardboard box because her shutter is broken. I need to fix her up and bring her back out. She takes pretty pictures. :)