06 August 2008

I want to do it my way

Listening to: Pedro The Lion - Whole

My mom is like, one of those people who takes vitamins. So she's always trying to push vitamins on me. For a long time we were car pooling together because she works like a block away from me, and every morning she would bring me a shit-ton of vitamins in a baggy, and pretty much every morning I would just put them on a shelf on my desk, until one day I had like, 30 baggies full of vitamins. Its ridiculous. I just shoved them into a drawer and have been ignoring them ever since.

The reason I didn't/don't like taking them is because A. they are kind of annoying. I always end up sort-of choking on at least one of them and then I get water on my shirt and feel like an idiot. 2. They make my stomach upset if I take them in the morning because I don't usually eat anything until around 10:30, I'm just not usually hungry in the morning, and if I don't take them first thing then I don't remember, blah blah blah.

So any time I get a cold or a headache or am tired or something like that my mom is always like, well, did you take your vitamins today? And I'm like, no. And she's like, well, there you go. It's as if these magical vitamins are the fountain of youth. Apparently if people would take their vitamins they would live forever and ever and never be sick or tired again.

Ok, so I'm blowing it out of proportion. But still. I don't really think they do anything. I'm speaking out against vitamins. They are gross and they hurt my tummy. And today I was reminded of that because I actually took my vitamins today. And dang. That B vitamin is like, still stuck in my throat. Thanks mom.

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