07 August 2008

Foul play on the high seas

Sometimes when I'm working at this part time job I have (name excluded) I get bored, so I walk around with a piece of paper and a pen and start writing these stupid stories. I don't have a plan, or know where they are going. They usually just start with a line or a phrase or an idea and I just spew them out onto paper because my brain is so bored. Anyway, I found one of them today, written with a purple marker on some recycled paper with a dinosaur drawn on one side in crayon. Here is what is writ:

Simon walked to the end of the plank. "You're going to regret this," he said to Flagstaff.

"I doubt it," Flagstaff replied, and shot him square between the eyes. Simon's body plummeted to the sea below.

"I hope you didn't just shoot our albatross," said Bing.

"No such thing," answered Flagstaff as he pulled a cigar from his breast pocket and returned his revolver to its holster on his hip.

Oslow struggled quickly to light a match, not an easy feat in the open ocean wind. Flagstaff inhaled a few deep breaths and walked off to the captains quarters.

Simon had been an instigator since day one. Flagstaff should have caught on to it sooner, but he had been off his game the past few expeditions, and Simon, scab that he was, had tried to exploit that. Luckily, Flagstaff had caught on to his foul play in time, and solved this problem with his usual solution, a revolver.

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