29 August 2008


granny squares

Could this baby be any cuter?

I started making granny squares for a blanket for my niece. I have four of each color. I'm excited, because it's gonna be cute.

Don't quite know what to make of this headline

Duchovny in rehab for sex addiction

Is it weird that he plays a character on Californication who is like a total man slut? I'll just answer my own question. Yeah. A little.


Have I mentioned how much I love my new bag?

Today is Friday, it's a three day weekend, pay day, and cake (for august birthdays). Could it be any better? Although cake at 9 in the morning is always kind of odd.

26 August 2008

Come on

Gellar Blamed For Pagan Rise

This ridiculous headline brought to you by the guys who brought you 'Grand Theft Auto made me do it'.

25 August 2008


Originally uploaded by cleartrampoline

Sadness. Lots of sadness today. I don't want to get into all of that though, but I do want to mention that my friend Stephanie is moving away this week. Which is sad. But I'm excited for her, because she is starting a new adventure in a new city. She is brave. I wish I was as brave as her.

Can this be true?

'Lost' Resurrects Michelle Rodriguez!

That is nutty. I always liked her character though, or at least liked the dynamic she brought to the show.


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Took some photos of Gloria this weekend. This one is my favorite.

I feel like my whole life I've been waiting for my life to start, like, well I'm doing this now and it kind of sucks, but soon I'll have this magical whatever that will make me happy and that will be my life. First it was high school, and then college, and then barista, and now this job. Shit. Are we just never happy with what we have, always looking forward to something better, grass is always greener over there type shit? 'Cause that is fucked up. I don't want to be like this. This isn't what my life is. I want happy and fulfillment now. Not in the future. Well, I want it in the future too, but I want it now dammit. Pissed. This cheerful Monday morning rant was brought to you by my mom. Thanks mom (sarcasm)!

22 August 2008

State of Obvious

Also based on a true story. Apparently creating something should only take like, two seconds. If only I was a robot...

So funny!

So funny! Saw this via a link on la tartine gourmande, and it's hilarious. I'm glad I already have Flight of the Concords in my netflix queue, cuz I'm pretty sure I'm gonna love the shit out of it. Also, I watched this movie last week called Eagle Vs. Shark and it starred one of the guys who's in this show, serendipitous, n'est pas? Eagle Vs. Shark was kind of like, the New Zealand answer to the movie Napoleon Dynamite, if that makes any sense. Very funny, cute, sweet, etc. Watch it.

Hey everybody, it's Friday! Hurrah!

panorama point

panorama point
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This is depressing. It's getting harder and harder to find film for my spectra. On amazon you can buy a pack of 20 and its like, 60 bucks. 60 bucks! That's like, 3 dollars a picture. Thats insane. Anyway I found this old snap, it was a throw away because the light was so dark, but now it's not a throw away, I'm keepin' it, this photo is worth like, three dollars. Dang.

21 August 2008

state of obvious

Based on actual events.

I'm in love with everyone and everything they've ever done

Listening to Little Wings. I tried to find a link to Faith Children, but nothing on you tube or last.fm. This song puts me in a weird place. A place where I want to smoke like, an entire pack of cigarettes (American Spirit lights) and get sleepy-drunk and smiley. A nice place, but no place to be when you're at work on a Thursday.

Things are weird, blog world. Do you feel that mist in the air? It's not just the rain. There's change afoot.

I like to sound cryptic. Does it work? :)

We're not all bad

So good.

The solo's real long, but it's a pretty song

And like this.

I need a fix 'cause I'm going down

I kinda feel like this song today.
P.S. Only, you know, without the drug addiction overtones.

19 August 2008


Alright. Go read this: Sex offender pleads guilty to bikini murder

Now read this:
I can't help but wonder, when I read shit like this, why can't they keep the bad guys in jail forever man? I mean, dang. It's so depressing. I gotta stop reading this stuff. But I'm fascinated by it, for some sick reason. I just don't understand how someone could do those kinds of horrible things. And then we put them in jail, and they get out, and then they do worse things. Ugh. What a world, huh? 

Ok, now to cheer you up, girls fighting each other with marbles and yo-yos. Awesome!


The Bigfoot discovery was a hoax. Thanks for getting my hopes up CNN. I knew it was too good to be true. Now you're going to tell me that Julia Child wasn't actually a spy. Enough with the lies CNN. I'm breaking up with you.


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Got some nice snaps over the weekend. Good times.

State of Obvious 011


15 August 2008


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How cute is she?

State of Obvious 010


Dude WTF

I love wikipedia. Excellent for killing time (that's a pun if you read on). I often find myself looking up really weird stuff, today no exception, if you want to read about one of the most screwed up killers ever, check out Ed Gein. So messed up. I've seen my share of horror movies, but I can always detach myself from the grotesque they show because they are movies, not real life, but this guy takes the cake, he must of been the inspiration for many a serial killer movie. Ugh. I need to go watch Rescue Rangers or something to cheer me up now.


I'm in a bad mood, and that just makes me even more mad, because its Friday and I've been wanting it to be Friday all week long and why do people have to get all up in my grill (I love saying that. Ha!).

In other news the Shaky Hands are playing their last show with their drummer Colin, so this is your last chance to see his awesome drum stylings with the Shaky Hands. Its in some barn or something... anyway, yeah.

14 August 2008

Bigfoot is real!

Holy shit! CNN is pulling out all the stops today. First, it was Julia Child: Spy. Now, evidence of Bigfoot. Is it like, the apocalypse or something?

State of Obvious 009


This is insane

Julia Child was a spy according to this cnn headline. WTF?


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Is taking pictures of yourself weird? Its probably weird. But I would definately rather take pictures of other people, its just, you know, there aren't always other people around at midnight when I get the urge to set up a shot because I like the colors and the light. Someone be my muse. Although a muse seems like such a masculine artist thing, ancience greek and what not. Actually I don't know what I'm talking about.


I went for a walk after work yesterday. Took Zeke, who likes to do anything involving people, he's a very social dog, unlike Red, who's perfectly comfortable just laying on the porch all day long.
My grandmother's garden was pretty much in full bloom. She doesn't really plant a vegetable garden, mostly just rows and rows of flowers. It's pretty.
It was nice. Reminds me of why I like living here, when I forget because of how much the city has changed since I was a kid. Things are pretty much still the same though, up in our little neck of the woods.

12 August 2008


Lennon's killer denied parole again



House by Moonlight

House by Moonlight
Originally uploaded by cleartrampoline

Tried to get some shots of some meteors last night. Didn't have much luck though. I need a better lens for shooting night shots. And a remote for my camera. So I don't have to get up. :)


Shit shit shit. I do talk too much, don't I?

I got the hiccups.

And a certain someone who is like a roller coaster around here is definitely on the downward spiral today, which should make for some fun (sarcasm) later in the day.

Ugh. When is Saturday?

State of Obvious


11 August 2008

I've got a hole in my soul

Took this pic of a poster on the wall at Everyday Music with my phone. I love this art. It's cool. I'm not sure what the poster is for though. But it is hot hot hot.

This has been crackin' me up for years

In high school I sort of had this thing for old national geographics. This is from one of those, that I have been carting around for years, randomly putting up on walls, etc. I love love love it. It makes me smile pretty much every time I look at it. Good times.

State of Obvious


lucky lab bathroom

lucky lab bathroom
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08 August 2008

State of Obvious



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I had this opportunity yesterday to take some photos of this local musician (for an article that's running in the paper next week) who will be turning 80 this year and still plays shows. He was awesome. And I got some nice snaps. I'll probably put some more up after the story runs. :)


I have some new items listed in my etsy shop. I know you want to buy them. :)


07 August 2008


Foul play on the high seas

Sometimes when I'm working at this part time job I have (name excluded) I get bored, so I walk around with a piece of paper and a pen and start writing these stupid stories. I don't have a plan, or know where they are going. They usually just start with a line or a phrase or an idea and I just spew them out onto paper because my brain is so bored. Anyway, I found one of them today, written with a purple marker on some recycled paper with a dinosaur drawn on one side in crayon. Here is what is writ:

Simon walked to the end of the plank. "You're going to regret this," he said to Flagstaff.

"I doubt it," Flagstaff replied, and shot him square between the eyes. Simon's body plummeted to the sea below.

"I hope you didn't just shoot our albatross," said Bing.

"No such thing," answered Flagstaff as he pulled a cigar from his breast pocket and returned his revolver to its holster on his hip.

Oslow struggled quickly to light a match, not an easy feat in the open ocean wind. Flagstaff inhaled a few deep breaths and walked off to the captains quarters.

Simon had been an instigator since day one. Flagstaff should have caught on to it sooner, but he had been off his game the past few expeditions, and Simon, scab that he was, had tried to exploit that. Luckily, Flagstaff had caught on to his foul play in time, and solved this problem with his usual solution, a revolver.

State of Obvious


06 August 2008

juice box

shoplifters of the world

Things are kind of strange right now at work, people leaving, new people coming in, some people on vacation, some people not showing up, busy busy busy. The weird part is I feel strangely calm about it. I don't know why. Perhaps its because I've been drawing a bunch of flowers in illustrator and listening to the Smiths.

State of Obvious


I want to do it my way

Listening to: Pedro The Lion - Whole

My mom is like, one of those people who takes vitamins. So she's always trying to push vitamins on me. For a long time we were car pooling together because she works like a block away from me, and every morning she would bring me a shit-ton of vitamins in a baggy, and pretty much every morning I would just put them on a shelf on my desk, until one day I had like, 30 baggies full of vitamins. Its ridiculous. I just shoved them into a drawer and have been ignoring them ever since.

The reason I didn't/don't like taking them is because A. they are kind of annoying. I always end up sort-of choking on at least one of them and then I get water on my shirt and feel like an idiot. 2. They make my stomach upset if I take them in the morning because I don't usually eat anything until around 10:30, I'm just not usually hungry in the morning, and if I don't take them first thing then I don't remember, blah blah blah.

So any time I get a cold or a headache or am tired or something like that my mom is always like, well, did you take your vitamins today? And I'm like, no. And she's like, well, there you go. It's as if these magical vitamins are the fountain of youth. Apparently if people would take their vitamins they would live forever and ever and never be sick or tired again.

Ok, so I'm blowing it out of proportion. But still. I don't really think they do anything. I'm speaking out against vitamins. They are gross and they hurt my tummy. And today I was reminded of that because I actually took my vitamins today. And dang. That B vitamin is like, still stuck in my throat. Thanks mom.

03 August 2008

Water for Elephants

Water for Elephants Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

My review

rating: 5 of 5 stars
This book was rad. It was a vivid portrayal of an old man remembering his younger years when he joined a circus in the 1930s. It was exciting and had some heart breaking moments as well.

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