28 July 2008



Saturday was a pretty fun day. Amanda, Trista and I went into Portland, met up with a few of Trista's other friends and had a bachelorette party for Trista.

First it was dinner at a sushi place in the Pearl, on like 10th and Johnson (I forget what it's called). It was really delicious. I had a spicy tuna/avocado roll, salmon nigiri, and a special roll, I forget the name, but it was soo good, avocado, tuna, crab, mango wrapped in cucumber. I could have done without the crab, probably one of my least favorite sushi fillers, but it was still good. I love mango in a roll!

After dinner we went to Harvey's comedy club, where we saw two funny comedians, and then it was down to Bar XV, where I ran into my cousin Jeff who I haven't seen in like two years. The place was packed because of brewfest, so we scrambled to find a booth and drinks and dancing and drinking ensued. It was a pretty rowdy night complete with this dumb drunk dude spilling water all over me (he is so lucky he missed my camera).

We couldn't decide on another location, so we headed back to the car around midnight only to find it seconds away from getting towed. Apparently we had parked on a street in which parking wasn't allowed between the hours of 11pm-5am. Weird. Luckily the officer took pity on us poor country bumpkins and let us go with a warning.

After that, we were feeling a bit famished, so we headed to Sharis (which was near the hotel we were staying at) and had orange juice and breakfast, and then back to the hotel where we crashed 5 people into a room for 2, it was cosy to say the least. All in all it was a successful evening and lots of fun.

Check out the photo set here.

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