29 July 2008

I had a dream last night...

I had a weird dream last night. So I rented this cabin that was like, right on the Hood River, and by right on I mean, like, you could stick your arm out the window in the kitchen and put it in the water. So this cabin was run by this like, hippy co-op, and you could use stuff in the kitchen that was staples, you know, like sugar and flour and soy milk (they were vegans too) but you couldn't eat their garden burgers. Oh, and my sister was there too, and then randomly this other group showed up, and was like, oh yeah, we're staying here too, and we were like, ok I guess. And then their was something to do with a mall, and then there was something to do with harvesting these vines that were growing on this cliff side, I don't know, that stuff is hazy, but the kitchen stuff is vivid. Also, people were riding in like, huge paddle boats up the river, and then randomly people were floating down the river in their cars, and I was like, "Who floats down a river in a Chrysler La Baron? That's just weird."

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