31 July 2008


I'm worried, because I haven't heard a single thing about the X Files movie since it opened last week, and as far as movies like that go, no news is bad news. But whatev. I'm gonna go see it anyway, what have I got to loose? 9 bucks and a couple hours maybe? Well shit, that ain't no big thang. I loose 9 bucks and a couple of hours all of the time.

I need to go crochet some granny squares. My niece is going to be like 30 before I finish the blanket I started for her. And who wants a pink tiny blanket when they're 30? No one. That's who.

So I saw my pulmonologist today, and everything seems to be about the same as it was a year ago in the ol' ct-scan department, so that's good. Also, my pulmonologist just read the book I'm currently reading, Water For Elephants, and we had a nice little discussion about that which obviously drifted to Carnivale and Deadwood. How rad is it that my pulmonologist likes Deadwood? He hadn't ever seen Carnivale, so I told him to check it out. After he reminded me that smoking is bad for you. Actually he didn't do that. But I'm sure he would of if I had been like, "Hey, so if my lungs are ok, can I start smoking again?"

Tacos yum yum.

And scene.

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