31 July 2008


I'm worried, because I haven't heard a single thing about the X Files movie since it opened last week, and as far as movies like that go, no news is bad news. But whatev. I'm gonna go see it anyway, what have I got to loose? 9 bucks and a couple hours maybe? Well shit, that ain't no big thang. I loose 9 bucks and a couple of hours all of the time.

I need to go crochet some granny squares. My niece is going to be like 30 before I finish the blanket I started for her. And who wants a pink tiny blanket when they're 30? No one. That's who.

So I saw my pulmonologist today, and everything seems to be about the same as it was a year ago in the ol' ct-scan department, so that's good. Also, my pulmonologist just read the book I'm currently reading, Water For Elephants, and we had a nice little discussion about that which obviously drifted to Carnivale and Deadwood. How rad is it that my pulmonologist likes Deadwood? He hadn't ever seen Carnivale, so I told him to check it out. After he reminded me that smoking is bad for you. Actually he didn't do that. But I'm sure he would of if I had been like, "Hey, so if my lungs are ok, can I start smoking again?"

Tacos yum yum.

And scene.

A new tweetie

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30 July 2008


I'm excited about something but I don't want to jinx it, so I'll post about it later. :)

This is something I made for Jody, its for a photo album she put together for her stepkids, I drew one of them and then put a bunch of butterflies on it and called it good. :)


A state of apprehension, uncertainty, and fear resulting from the anticipation of a realistic or fantasized threatening event or situation, often impairing physical and psychological functioning.

I'm feeling a little anxiety today. I feel like if I could just organize something I would feel better. Line up everything on my desk. Put the blue and black ink pens into two seperate locations. Stuff like that.

That's pretty nuts, isn't it?

We're not scaremongering, This is really happening

I don't feel so good. I hate making decisions. It puts this sick lump in my stomach. Everything feels real blecky right now. I want to move back to the city I love. Is that a good decision? Who knows. But it makes me nervous thinking about it. Change is hard. I want a do over, like in video games. Didn't get all the points you wanted in that level? No problem, just play it over again. A mulligan. Is that the right term? When you get to do over a mistake, like when I play pool and barely hit the ball and it rolls like two inches and my friends are like, that's cool, do over.

29 July 2008

Dear Radiohead,

Dear Radiohead,
Thanks for continually amazing me with your sweet-ass songs. I can't get enough. I am only bummed that I was in a frugal mood when your tickets went on sale for your Washington state show, and thus did not purchase any. It makes me heartbroken while listening to All I Need to think that I will not get to see you performing it live.

Until next time, yours sincerely,

Photoshop Rules!

I feel very accomplished right now.
I took a shot from this:

To this:

Hi arm ruining my shot. Goodbye arm ruining my shot. Awesome!
More wedding shots coming soon. :)

I had a dream last night...

I had a weird dream last night. So I rented this cabin that was like, right on the Hood River, and by right on I mean, like, you could stick your arm out the window in the kitchen and put it in the water. So this cabin was run by this like, hippy co-op, and you could use stuff in the kitchen that was staples, you know, like sugar and flour and soy milk (they were vegans too) but you couldn't eat their garden burgers. Oh, and my sister was there too, and then randomly this other group showed up, and was like, oh yeah, we're staying here too, and we were like, ok I guess. And then their was something to do with a mall, and then there was something to do with harvesting these vines that were growing on this cliff side, I don't know, that stuff is hazy, but the kitchen stuff is vivid. Also, people were riding in like, huge paddle boats up the river, and then randomly people were floating down the river in their cars, and I was like, "Who floats down a river in a Chrysler La Baron? That's just weird."

28 July 2008

My new favorite

I'm obsessed

With Lykke Li. Check it out!



Saturday was a pretty fun day. Amanda, Trista and I went into Portland, met up with a few of Trista's other friends and had a bachelorette party for Trista.

First it was dinner at a sushi place in the Pearl, on like 10th and Johnson (I forget what it's called). It was really delicious. I had a spicy tuna/avocado roll, salmon nigiri, and a special roll, I forget the name, but it was soo good, avocado, tuna, crab, mango wrapped in cucumber. I could have done without the crab, probably one of my least favorite sushi fillers, but it was still good. I love mango in a roll!

After dinner we went to Harvey's comedy club, where we saw two funny comedians, and then it was down to Bar XV, where I ran into my cousin Jeff who I haven't seen in like two years. The place was packed because of brewfest, so we scrambled to find a booth and drinks and dancing and drinking ensued. It was a pretty rowdy night complete with this dumb drunk dude spilling water all over me (he is so lucky he missed my camera).

We couldn't decide on another location, so we headed back to the car around midnight only to find it seconds away from getting towed. Apparently we had parked on a street in which parking wasn't allowed between the hours of 11pm-5am. Weird. Luckily the officer took pity on us poor country bumpkins and let us go with a warning.

After that, we were feeling a bit famished, so we headed to Sharis (which was near the hotel we were staying at) and had orange juice and breakfast, and then back to the hotel where we crashed 5 people into a room for 2, it was cosy to say the least. All in all it was a successful evening and lots of fun.

Check out the photo set here.

24 July 2008


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I love this picture of Mckinzie. She looks like she just saw a ghost or heard some shocking news (but she didn't). It's cool. :)

22 July 2008

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog

Sooo funny! Only available on iTunes now, it's a musical/comedy/sci-fi starring Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, and Felicia Day and is witty and funny and catchy. It's the story of this dude who wants to be a bad guy (the desperation reminds me of the 3 bad guys from season 6 of Buffy, you know, they aren't that scary, and they're really trying, but they are just kind of dorks) and it's set up like he's blogging about his life, and his nemesis is Captain Hammer (played by Fillion) who's cocky, kind dumb, like the town super hero. He is hilarious! Anyway, check it out. You will be glad you did.


Penelope tells the story of this girl, Penelope, who is born with a family curse, she has to go through her life with a pig nose until she can get someone to fall in love with her. This movie was so cute (and so is James McAvoy, who plays Penelope's love interest). I recommend it to people who grew up on disney fairy tales and would like to see something a little different. :)


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I have weird feet.

20 July 2008

Must Love Dogs

I queued this because John Cusack is in it and he is awesome, but it was a total stinker. John was good as usual, but the plot was bad, like someone just walked through with an axe and chopped it up, know what I mean? It just jumped around and was not good. Ugh. Sometimes I just wonder how movies like this get made, it's just lame.


This is the exact kind of movie I would want to give 2 and a half stars to, I didn't really like it, but it had some good performances. Overall though it seemed like it was going too hard for shock value instead of a story that might actually mean something. Reminded me a little of the movies Alpha Dog and Traffic.


This movie was your standard Bruce Willis action flick, i.e. Die Hard, but it had some really great over the top moments, including Ben Foster's performance as a whole. Oh yeah, and it has Bruce Willis' daughter Rumer playing his daughter. Great casting. Lots of excitement. Overall, pretty rad.

18 July 2008


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I'm a grump today. This town makes me crazy. It's Gorge Games weekend, and there are like one million people in town. It's insaine. I gotta go to Parkdale. It's too crazy here.

The Notebook

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams were great in this period piece told from the point of view of an old man reading out of notebook to an old woman. It's the story of a girl and boy who fall in love, and much like that Billy Joel song Uptown Girl, she's a wealthy girl from the city and he's a poor boy from the country, so basically Romeo and Juliet only without the suicide. Anyway, it's pretty obvious what is going to happen throughout the film, so there really aren't any big suprises or reveals here, but it was a cute, nice story, and, let's face it, I'll watch anything with Ryan Gosling in it.

16 July 2008


I am really starting to get more and more into Adobe Illustrator. It can do so many rad things! I love it. When you start to learn how to use it properly it really helps the creative juices flow. I see things, websites, ads, magazines, etc. that I think, hm, I wonder if I could do that, and slowly my skills are building. Anyway, exciting. And pretty. :)

15 July 2008

Remember, you must tread carefully around that barracuda.

14 July 2008

granny square!

Yeah! I taught myself granny square at lunch today, via instructions from this blog. Man, my craft skillz are through the roof!

09 July 2008


This is awesome:
The Stand, in comic book form.
Check out a pic here. Too cool.


TV On The Radio are playing in P-town in September, so says Pitchfork, and so say we all.

Excuse me, Garcon, a round of boo yeahs for me and my men!


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July man. This year is just wizzin' by isn't it? I'm kind of melancholy today, not sure why. I need some coffee.

02 July 2008


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This is the souped up (is that how you spell souped? Whatev.) version of a photo I took of Mark's roommate's cat. Rad kitty. I used this texture that I found on flickr and did a little overlay action, this and that, and pow! Take a look at vintage kitty. So cute. :)


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Yesterday I stopped into this store that is mostly for quilting, but I noticed they had a sign that said yarn, so I thought, what the hey, lets go in and check it out. Glad I did, they were getting rid of their yarn section and it was all 75% off! I was stoked. I spent like 20 bucks, and got a bunch of really nice yarns, like this one, which is a hand dyed wool from Italy. Boo yeah. Its so colorful and pretty. I can't wait to make something beautiful out of it. :)