02 June 2008

Why I love Mondays.

Ok, everyone hates Mondays. Boo hoo, it's the start of a new work week, work sucks, blah blah blah. Well here are a couple of reasons I love Mondays.

A. Checking my Last.fm to see my charts for the previous week.
Dang, I listened to a lot of Death Cab last week!

2. Listening to Smodcast.
Typically, there is a new Smodcast, the podcast with Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier, posted on Mondays. Which is funny and entertaining.

D. Getting a bagel and coffee.
I usually don't get coffee on the weekends, so it's always a treat to head into Dog River Monday mornings for my usual cappuchino and everything bagel toasted with butter. Delicious!
Alright kids, what do you like about Mondays?

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