03 June 2008

I had too much Wonka

So I don't really eat a lot of candy, especially compared to some people I know, (Mayhaw... Rachel, to name a few names) but there are a few that I enjoy, usually of the tarty variety. Well today I discovered the most magnificent blend of candies ever put into one bag, called Wonka Chewy Mix-ups. Included are Sweetart Shocker Minis, Chewy Sweetarts Minis, and Chewy Sprees. OMG. Soo good. I just ate the entire bag and now I feel kinda gross but in that I just ate an entire bag of candy way, which isn't the worst gross feeling ever. I highly recommend them.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous10:09 PM

    after a bag of candy in less than 5 minutes i feel better than normal. it's sad and awesome


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