18 June 2008

Ever had a CT Scan?

First off, what is the difference, if any, between a CT Scan and a CAT Scan? Are they the same thing? Cuz I'm no doctor.

So a CT Scan, in my experience, is this like, loop thing that has like, magnets in it or something, and it scans you like an x-ray so your doc can look at your insides, like your ticker, or your breathing machine, you know, so he can diagnose you with some sort of deathly disease, or not.

So before you go through this loop, they stick you in the arm and shoot you up with this warm fluid, that makes you feel all warm from the inside, and you think, dang, this feels weird, and you feel it all over, and you think, hm, maybe I'm peeing (but you aren't), and you get this metal taste in the back of your throat like you just swallowed something off the periodic table. Not a noble gas or anything, more like an alkali metal.

Then they run a couple practice loops to make sure you are really good at sittin' still, so the machine has these little faces on it, and one is like, a smiley face and the other is a face holdings its breath, and they light up as the machine tells you hold your breath, or breath and then you move to and fro through the machine. Then the real thing happens, with the whirling and the magnets and the x-raying of some sort.

And the room is always kinda cold. But sometimes they give you a heated blanket to wear. Which is nice, like, when you go to a restaurant, like a sushi joint, and they give you a hot towel to wash your hands with.

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  1. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Uh...why you gettin' scanned?


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