05 May 2008

The Weekend.

phone poles

I had a pretty relaxing weekend. I haven't been working on the weekends much as of late, and its been really nice. I don't think I want to work on weekends anymore. While having the extra money is good, going insane from never having a day off isn't really worth it.


Friday night Jody and I had tacos and made this Rum Mojito Passion fruit drink that was pretty delicious, after which we watched some Buffy and were falling asleep on the couch by like, 11pm. Kinda lame, I know, but dang, I guess I was just really tired.

Saturday Jody and I tried to get coffee in Odell but were ignored, so we went to a couple of garage sales, where I spend 1 dollar on a Nine West purse and 50 cents each on two jars to hold noodles etc in on my counter. Then we went to White Salmon, because apparently they were having some really great deals at Thrift Way, which, by the way, is a pretty rad grocery store, nearly on par with Rosauers. After our little excursion I went up to my parents to move some stuff over to my brothers place, since he is being kind enough to let me store a bunch of my stuff there.

jody grilling

Then Jody and I tried out a recipe for Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers. We decided to use these larger, milder peppers, and they worked out pretty well. We did make one with a jalapeno but it proved to be hotter than we could handle. I had first tried these at a restaurant in Colorado while visiting my good friend E. Bailey, and had been dreaming about them ever since. Now that I know how easy they are to make I'm sure they will become very popular around the grill this summer.

jalepeno poppers

Later that night I watched the Blues Brothers and had some Rainer with my brother, sister-in-law (who of course didn't have any Rainer since she's preggers), and sister. It was pretty rad. I hadn't watched the Blues Brothers all the way through in a while, and I love watching funny stuff with my brother, he just has a good sense of humor, and somewhat similar taste in humor as I (i.e. Seinfeld, The Burbs, Tremors) if you just ignore his love of redneck humor.


Sunday I weeded the garlic in my yard, which as you can see by this picture taken last week, needed some weeding. After doing that and planting some petunias my mom gave me for my birthday I decided that was enough sun for my pasty skin and went in and watch two movies, The Savages (2007), and The Red Shoes (2005) and did some knitting. Then I decided I wanted to bake something, and using the excuse of cinco de mayo festivities happening at Jody's tonight, I made cupcakes while watching season 3 Gilmore Girls. I'll have to post pictures later (of the cupcakes, not Gilmore Girls).


Overall, pretty pleasant weekend. How was yours?

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