15 May 2008


Well I watched this Heather Graham movie yesterday called Cake. Released in 2005, I'm assuming, straight to DVD, it also stars David Sutcliffe (Christopher from Gilmore Girls), Taye Diggs, and Sandra Oh. The movie was blah. I mean, I've seen worse, it was kinda cute, but the scenes were almost always just a little off, the dialogue and action just didn't seem right. And it was kinda riddled with cliches and an overall feeling of, oh, I wonder how this is going to turn out, not. Cake is the story of a free spirited gal named Pippa who won't settle down with a man, much to the chagrin of her father and married friends. Then she has to be the editor of a wedding magazine called Weddingbells, and through her experience learns to love. Isn't that sweet? Barf. Check out this message board on IMDb for some similar sentiments http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0413879/board/nest/64282251 there are, of course, people who loved the movie on there as well, trying to defend its honor, there's someone out there for every movie, isn't there?

I really like Heather Graham, but she's made a couple of duds here and there, that's for sure. But she's wonderful in Sidewalks of New York, From Hell, Drugstore Cowboy, Two Girls and a Guy, Boogie Nights, and who can forget License to Drive... and she was rad on Scrubs, and Twin Peaks. I don't know, I just wish writers would write some good scripts for her, and Hollywood would produce them, and you know, she would have some good material to work with. As actors and actresses get older, it always seems like there are no good roles for them, unless you get lucky and become a muse of Wes Anderson (like Bill Murray).

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