16 April 2008


Yesterday Jody and I tried out a recipe we found at Simply Recipes for a Spinach and Orzo Salad. It was fraking delicious! We made a few tweaks of our own, used a little more spinach and olives and used fresh basil instead of dried, and a little extra vinegar, but dang. It was awesome.

Check out our pictures from this fun event below. My only regret was that I didn't have my camera to take some gorgeous pictures with, so if we look pale as a vampire, it's the flash on the point and shoot canon, I swear! I'm totally tan in real life. Kidding!

I think I want to start, like, a cooking club, where we make one new recipe a week, or a month, or however often it turns out to be, but the whole point will be getting people to try new things and think creatively about cooking and working with a recipe that's a little more involved than "follow the instructions on the back of the box".

Here I am mixing our ingredients.

And here's a close up.

And here's Jody opening a bottle of wine.

And here's a completed meal shot. We had some delicious garlic bread that we put under the broiler with garlic butter and Parmesan and some marinated artichoke hearts to round out our meal. It was spectacular. All the ingredients complimented each other so well. The onion and the pine nuts, the olives and the feta. Simply delicious. :)


  1. Awesome! I'm so glad you liked it. Makes great leftovers too. :-)

  2. I know! I so had it for lunch today. :)

  3. Anonymous5:24 PM

    I plan to try this recipe too, it looks so delicious. I came here from your comment on Simply Recipes.

    But I just wanted to comment because I noticed how your color palette below is almost exactly the same as your dinner's color palette! Where life reflects art...

    Random, I know ;)

  4. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Dang! That looked and sounded great.
    I just ate and I'm hungry again.
    I'm so down with the "try new recipes" thing. We should totally do it.

  5. hmmm...you need to make that for me!! because I'm sick of eating burritos.

  6. Thanks for pointing that out about the color palette Julie. How funny!

    And Tyler, I will so make you food. We should hang out next time you are in the hood. Burritos are good, but too much of a good thing is, you know, a saying or something. :)


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