18 April 2008

Double Mountain

Jody and I went to Double Mountain yesterday after work for some pizza and beer. It was fun. The place was packed, as per usual, the beer was good, as per usual, and the pizza was delicious, as per usual. I guess it was a pretty typical Double Mountain visit, although things just aren't the same there since my dear friend Meg moved on to the big city (she used to be a bartender there, the perks of having a friend bartender are always grand).

We had the pale, and then I had a half pint of the IRA and Jody had a pint of the Kolsch. I had a taste of the new IRA from the Wood (or maybe it's not new, I just hadn't had it before). It is made in whiskey casks, and dang, you could smell the whiskey on it from a foot away. I made the wise choice of not having a glass of that (I'm sort of a light weight these days). All in all a lovely way to spend a couple hours after work.

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