03 March 2008

love will be the death of me

i watched the darjeeling limited again. it came out on dvd this week and i jumped on it. not literally of course. i was a little disappointed at the lack of special features, no commentaries or deleted scenes or outtakes or bloopers, just a making of. Which makes me think they will be releasing a special edition later, which just kinna makes me mad since i bought this one. whatev. i was not disappointed with the movie for the second time. it was rad. so rad. i love wes anderson. how does he do these rad movies over and over again? adrian brody is awesome in the darjeeling limited. actually, all the leads are, jason schwartzman and owen wilson too.

this weekend i gotta hang out with some friends i don't get to see very often and we played boggle. i love boggle. i got challenged on the word trope, and i couldn't define it or use it in a sentence (hey, i was a little tipsy) so we texted google and i so showed them it was a real work. ha. it was rad. but i didn't win. i was like third place out of five. its cool though.

remember saxophones?

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