13 March 2008


i've been going lost loco lately. listening to lost podcasts, re-watching season 1, reading the boards, giddy with anticipation for tonight's episode, dreading the break till the next new batch of episodes, etc etc. one thing i love is that there is a bounty of info about that show that you can find on the web, its a prime example of how rad the internet is. here is a list:

it's like wikipedia, for lost. soo much info. you could spend hours just reading stuff on this site.

an active fan forum. i've never gotten way into posting on any forums, but this is one i've hovered over a lot. i try to avoid the spoiler section, just so i can keep myself relatively spoiler free, but the theories section and the general section are usually interesting reads.

this is a pretty great podcast to listen to fridays after you've watched the new episode of lost. they do a good recap, and theorize about things, and are silly and funny too. they also do another show on mondays with more theorizing, lots of listener feedback and a look at the next episode.

this podcast is a little dry, but these guys go the extra mile, with screen caps and audio playbacks on whispers, etc. they do the homework so you don't have to.

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