25 March 2008

i want wind to blow

i'm pinnin' out today. i can feel it, like, that it's different than before (the zoloft). but i'm still pinnin'. it's just like i have something stopping me from going full blown anxiety attack. i guess thats a good thing. but still. ugh. i don't wanna be here no more.

put this in your headphones for today:
1. i want wind to blow- the microphones
2. upward over the mountain- iron & wine
3. baby blue sedan- modest mouse
4. lost- the cure
5. the sleepless- the shaky hands
6. all apologies- nirvana
7. goin' against your mind- built to spill
8. across the universe- the beatles
9. rebellion (lies)- the arcade fire
10. guitar and video games- sunny day real estate
11. ordinary blues- lonesome radio heart

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