10 March 2008

i don't have kids

you know when you are just chit-chatin' with someone, and you're like, yeah i'm tired cuz blah blah, or man, this day is lasting forever i wish it was just 5 already, and they are like, what do you have to complain about? you don't have kids. so what? i should be penalized cuz i don't have kids? i'm not allowed to be tired or have a bad day since i haven't procreated yet? cuz that's just unfair. and uncool. and it ain't my fault you had kids. were you ever tired or did you ever have a long day before you had kids? thought so. so chill the fuck out. i mean, don't get me wrong. i understand that kids are a full time job. i so get that. but damn, other people have a lot going on too man. i may not have kids but i do have a full time job, and two part time jobs. and a hamster. (ok, the hamster part was a joke. i really have a hamster, but it isn't stressing me out). so, yeah. i'm busy too.

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