31 March 2008

the weekend

So I worked all weekend, which means I didn't really have a weekend, but I did manage to go to three bars in one night on Saturday, and how I managed to do that and not procure a hang over and make it to work on time is a bit of a miracle.

The night started off at a bar on Division for an acquaintance/friend's graduation from grad school festivities, then it was on to a bar on Burnside for Tyler's birthday bash, in which much fun was had and much video poker and trivia was played, and then it was across the river to North 45 on 21st, which was a nice, pretty bar with some mellow stylings and some friends of Gloria's who were visiting from out of town, and finally a stop at T-Bell to keep those tummy rumblings quiet before crashing at Gloria's. All in all it was the most fun I've had in a super long time.

Anyway here are some pics from the night. Taking a look at these photos just re-affirms my excitement for my new camera, which should be arriving sometime this week or next. It's just really gonna help me get more of what I want out of the photos I take.

north 45
This is a bar on 21st and Glisan called North 45. I had never been there before, and it was really cool. They had a lot of style and a lot of beers from Belgium, and cool glasses to match the beer you order (in exchange for your shoe to discourage theft).

This is just a regular glass that was at North 45.

This is Gloria at a bar on Division and 20ish... I don't remember what it was called. There was a band playing and the bass player moved his head like a turtle and it humored me. But if he should so happen to read this don't be offended, I mean it in the nicest way! :)

This is a couple of the afore mentioned beer glasses from North 45.

Stefanie looking glamorous as always at a bar on Burnside & 60ish. Copper something I think it was called...

And the lovely Stefanie again, only looking a little less pleased in this shot, but equally glamorous.

28 March 2008


holy rusted metal, batman! battlestar galactica season 4 premieres tonight! good thing i'm a complete geek and have no social live and nothing better to do on a friday night, because i can watch it! yeah!

psych! make that next friday. i'm lame. :(


who's happy it's friday? i'm stoked.
it's snowing today. what is this, march 28? that's crazy.
my grandmother turns 80 today. which is nuts.
can you imagine being 80? i'm gonna have to ask her what that's like.
you know what's exciting? the awesome movies that are coming out this year.
including but surely not limited to:
iron man
dark knight
ok, so there's more than just comic book movies.
the x files movie is coming out this summer too.
boo yeah.

she's like the wind

27 March 2008

red & zeke

zeke had just got his manhood robbed from him, so he's a little out of it in this picture. he was all sorts of dopey. they both look so stoic in this picture. i did some sharpening, cuz, once again, with the limitations of my point and shoot, it's blurry, and i did a little desaturation to give it that old west feel, and a little burning around the edges. i think it turned out pretty decent.

trees through the smoke

i went out onto my porch the other day, right around 7ish, and it was already getting dark, but the smoke from the chimney was entrancing, so i had to attempt to capture it with my point and shoot. it didn't really work that well, so i just did some photoshop effect on it to make it look cool. it just reconfirms my need for a better camera.

25 March 2008

teen angst.

i want wind to blow

i'm pinnin' out today. i can feel it, like, that it's different than before (the zoloft). but i'm still pinnin'. it's just like i have something stopping me from going full blown anxiety attack. i guess thats a good thing. but still. ugh. i don't wanna be here no more.

put this in your headphones for today:
1. i want wind to blow- the microphones
2. upward over the mountain- iron & wine
3. baby blue sedan- modest mouse
4. lost- the cure
5. the sleepless- the shaky hands
6. all apologies- nirvana
7. goin' against your mind- built to spill
8. across the universe- the beatles
9. rebellion (lies)- the arcade fire
10. guitar and video games- sunny day real estate
11. ordinary blues- lonesome radio heart

23 March 2008


hurray! my computer is back from the shop all shiny and new. i'm pleased. i just went through millions and trillions of files on my backup hard drive to find songs and other files that i needed. that was fun. i wish i had organized it a little better though. 

so yesterday i went to this camera store and fell in love with a camera, which i'm gonna have to wait a bit before i buy, but it was seriously rad. i have to have it. cannon xti, 10 mp, digital slr, and i'm gonna get a sweet 50mm 1.8 lens cuz its awesome for portraits and i love to take portraits and i'm super excited to get it before i go to scotland. dang. anyways yesterday justin and i bought our tix for scotland which means we are really going. i'm super excited. :)

20 March 2008

more matadors!

i don't know why but i just love these guys. :) I think Paco Camino might be my favorite. That is like the raddest name ever.

thursday things

a battlestar galactica prequel?!?!?! boo yeah. i would be all over that.

hey, lost is on today! i love thursdays.

19 March 2008

things and things

my mac is in the shop. it is broken, like, really really broken. lets hope it gets better. i mean, as much as i wanna buy a shiny new one, i really shouldn't, cuz you know, they're expensive.

my arm got shot. with a shot. tetnis. apparently if you don't remember when you last had a tetnis shot its time to get one.

i'm going to scotland. in may. to visit my good friend big b. pretty stoked about it. gonna be loads of fun.


I found this rad pear label from this book on the orchard industry in hr. Pretty neat-o!



i found this rad book at the library on the free table with the radest pictures of matadors in it. it's the coolest thing i've found since... since i don't know when.

14 March 2008

whoa whoa whoa

so last week i put this book on hold at the library, and i got a notice that it is available today, so i go pick it up. relativity: the special and the general theory: a clear explanation that anyone can understand, by albert einstein (you know, just thought i would get into some light reading). well, today is einstein's birthday. eerie!

13 March 2008


i've been going lost loco lately. listening to lost podcasts, re-watching season 1, reading the boards, giddy with anticipation for tonight's episode, dreading the break till the next new batch of episodes, etc etc. one thing i love is that there is a bounty of info about that show that you can find on the web, its a prime example of how rad the internet is. here is a list:

it's like wikipedia, for lost. soo much info. you could spend hours just reading stuff on this site.

an active fan forum. i've never gotten way into posting on any forums, but this is one i've hovered over a lot. i try to avoid the spoiler section, just so i can keep myself relatively spoiler free, but the theories section and the general section are usually interesting reads.

this is a pretty great podcast to listen to fridays after you've watched the new episode of lost. they do a good recap, and theorize about things, and are silly and funny too. they also do another show on mondays with more theorizing, lots of listener feedback and a look at the next episode.

this podcast is a little dry, but these guys go the extra mile, with screen caps and audio playbacks on whispers, etc. they do the homework so you don't have to.

10 March 2008

30 Days of Night & My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Saturday I watched a meh movie and a less than meh movie.

The meh movie was 30 Days of Night. It was a great concept, and it looked really cool, like an AFI music video or something, but it just didn't deliver all the radness I was expecting. But it looked really really cool. The vampires were creepy and the color created a nice ambiance.

The less than meh movie was My Super Ex-Girlfriend, which I found not only not funny, but a little misogynistic in its portrayal of a crazy girl superhero. Ew. I mean, I wasn't expecting it to be like, an oscar contender or anything, but I thought it would have been a little smarter than it was. It could have been a really great girls kicking butt film but it wasn't. It was bad, and I kinda wish I hadn't watched it.

i don't have kids

you know when you are just chit-chatin' with someone, and you're like, yeah i'm tired cuz blah blah, or man, this day is lasting forever i wish it was just 5 already, and they are like, what do you have to complain about? you don't have kids. so what? i should be penalized cuz i don't have kids? i'm not allowed to be tired or have a bad day since i haven't procreated yet? cuz that's just unfair. and uncool. and it ain't my fault you had kids. were you ever tired or did you ever have a long day before you had kids? thought so. so chill the fuck out. i mean, don't get me wrong. i understand that kids are a full time job. i so get that. but damn, other people have a lot going on too man. i may not have kids but i do have a full time job, and two part time jobs. and a hamster. (ok, the hamster part was a joke. i really have a hamster, but it isn't stressing me out). so, yeah. i'm busy too.

06 March 2008

"There are few things finer than discovering a new favorite song, and listening to it over and over again with headphones on." says I.

"What might be that song for you today?" You might ask.

"Why it's Guyamas Sonora, by Beirut. I can't stop listening to it."

05 March 2008

boo yeah! pacey's back

exciting entertainment news!

soo excited to see joshua jackson is going to be back on tv! rumor was he was going to be on grey's anatomy, but now he can't, because he's gonna be in a new show called fridge, from non other than j.j. abrams. who, you know, brought you some of my fav shows like felicity and alias.
a round of boo yeahs is in order.

03 March 2008


So this weekend I saw the film Jumper, starring Haden Christensen, Rachel Bilson, and Samuel L. Jackson. I think this film thought it was going to be radder than it actually ended up being, or thats what it would think if films thought. I mean, they left so many things open at the end, a little too obvious that they want to make a trilogy, or at least a sequel. It just felt like a cliffs notes intro into a bigger story.

Haden was good, Rachel's hair kinda bugged me and she made a lot of strange facial expressions, and Samuel L. was just harsh, and weird but maybe that's ok, since he's the bad guy.

The plot had more than a few holes. Like, we are supposed to believe that Haden's character cares for his dad, after he ran away from home for 8 years cause his dad was a drunk and was all mean to him.

I mean, watch it if you are a big Haden Christensen fan, but if not, wait for it to come out on dvd, or better yet, catch it on tv when nothing else is on and you are bored.

love will be the death of me

i watched the darjeeling limited again. it came out on dvd this week and i jumped on it. not literally of course. i was a little disappointed at the lack of special features, no commentaries or deleted scenes or outtakes or bloopers, just a making of. Which makes me think they will be releasing a special edition later, which just kinna makes me mad since i bought this one. whatev. i was not disappointed with the movie for the second time. it was rad. so rad. i love wes anderson. how does he do these rad movies over and over again? adrian brody is awesome in the darjeeling limited. actually, all the leads are, jason schwartzman and owen wilson too.

this weekend i gotta hang out with some friends i don't get to see very often and we played boggle. i love boggle. i got challenged on the word trope, and i couldn't define it or use it in a sentence (hey, i was a little tipsy) so we texted google and i so showed them it was a real work. ha. it was rad. but i didn't win. i was like third place out of five. its cool though.

remember saxophones?