10 January 2008

what what

so thanks to perez, i found jason schwartzman's band, coconut records on myspace. it's rad rad rad. check out the song nighttiming. be my boyfriend!

oh, so i cut my knuckle on my washing machine. that's what i get for doing laundry. and the knuckle, man, what a terrible place. it's like impossible to put a bandaid on that shit.

so you know how people on crime shows, like, ncis, which i've only seen like two episodes of, but its the most recent example of what i'm about to get into, anyway you know when the dude who is trying to like, solve a crime just happens to catch something on the news that pertains to his investigation? what is with that?!?! like i'm supposed to believe that these people working 24/7 to solve a crime are really sitting around watching tv in their offices waiting for that big break from some newscaster? it seems like just a writers shortcut, or something, like a way to get that information to the hero quickly, but i find it fowl. ha.

you know how in college you put papers off till the last minute and you are always procrastination etc etc? well this, i have found out, is not specific to college. it's something that is ingrained in your personality. i have to write a movie review this week, but i keep putting it off, like its homework. but i really write them for the local monthly for fun, right? then why the procrastination? what is my problem?

so all new episodes of psych start tomorrow. that show is hilarious. question- should i feign illness to stay home and watch the pysch marathon? probably no. they really frown upon that sort of thing at your place of employment.

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  1. Anonymous11:27 PM

    That part about the knuckle sounds like part of a song. I thought it was lyrics when I first read it. You should make it into a song.


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