15 November 2007

you know what looks rad?

you know what looks rad?

Summer Glau in the upcoming Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Can't wait to see it. :)

This gal looks pretty rad too:

I love when excity things are coming. Although I hope this writers strike gets worked out soon.

In other news, my nanowrimo is truly lacking, maybe it's because I only wrote on Nov. 1, but I only have 1,206 words. I'm going to try and double that tonight. I think that's totally doable. I've just had a pretty busy first half of the month. Hopefully I can write all weekend long, no big plans or work.

In more news I just can't stop listening to Public Enemy lately. I feel that with my lame indie/alt/classic rock white girl music snobbery that I have had pretty much ever since I traded my Vanilla Ice tape for the Beatles I have really missed out on a lot of great hip hop, rap, pop and so much more. I'm trying to branch out. It's exciting.

In health news I think my eye is addicted to steroids. It's not very cool. I keep thinking that it's going to just somehow magically get better each time I stop taking the eye drops as per doctor recommendation, but I don't think it is, at least not yet. Let's hope so soon. I don't want to have to start wearing an eye patch.

In automotive news I really think I need to get a new car. I mean, seriously. I'm driving around in this '86 Camry, that has been stolen 3 times, had a really cracked up windshield, a broken CD player, and over 306,000 miles. The only thing in my car that actually works right is the cruise control. And what's that all about? I mean, most old cars, that's like one of the first things to go. The only problem is, getting a new car is kind of expensive, you know? And I don't just want to get some car that's like, two years newer than mine, just so I can get another new one in like, two years. I really want a shiny new new car. With the new car smell, and the ac that works, and a stereo, and low carbon emissions... ah, if only.

Alright, what's hot this week: s. pellegrino... 90210 season 1... joss whedon (as always, but damn if I don't love the guy.. read this)... my new cell phone... public enemy...

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