01 November 2007


So I think I'm too young to be one of those people who was way in to Transformers in the 80s. I remember that my older cousin was nuts about them, but I don't remember much about them myself, maybe it was that 'parents only letting us watch pbs and little house on the prairie as young childs' thing.

That aside, I decided to watch the Transformers movie. First off, this movie in long! Dang. I made the mistake of watching it to close to the ol' bed time, and actually fell asleep with like, a half hour to go. Which has nothing to do with the movie, it was actually pretty exciting and attention grabbing throughout, (I of course finished it the next day, early enough to catch the whole thing).

Transformers is pretty much just your standard Hollywood action summer film. And for what it was, it was good. I mean, it was no movie to write home about, no movie that I would buy, or that would make any of my top ten lists, but sometimes you need a film that you can just sit back, not have to think too hard, and enjoy. I am one of those people who cringes yet enjoys cheesy moments, and Transformers definitely had a few of those.

But seriously, a film like this doesn't really need to be like 2 and half hours long. I mean, I know that they're more that meets the eye, but less is more, right?


  1. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Yeah, but then there's always the added advantage of getting to see the now-grown-up Shia Le Beouf, who is a fine, fine, fine young man. :)

  2. although shia le beouf isn't my 'fine young man' of choice, i can appreciate that one would like a movie solely for such a reason. i'm guilty of that myself.

    p.s. who are you, anonymous? identify yourself, for the sake of my curiousity! own up to your love of le beouf!


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