28 November 2007

The Darjeeling Limited

maybe i just notice it more now, since i quit smoking, but damn, smoking in movies really makes me want a cigarette. there is smoking in like, every wes anderson movie.

enough of that. i saw the darleeling limited today. i know, its been out for ages, but not in my tiny metropolis. if you can call it a metropolis.

another thing, as a woman, i feel a little left out in wes anderson's movies, or at the very least, an accessory or after thought. the strongest female characters were in the royal tenenbaums, i suppose, or maybe margaret yang in rushmore.

anyway enough of that. here are my notes from the darjeeling limited. i thought i would just give them to you, and you can make with them what you will. if you like wes anderson movies, go see the darjeeling limited. now read my notes.


darjeeling limited.

jason schwartzman.

amazing moustache.

moving camera.

nathalie portman.

tooth pick.

following head.


"if we fuck i'm gonna feel like shit tomorrow."

"that's ok with me."

slow motion

end of short film

credits roll.

as if a prelude.


Bill Murray.

Adrian Brody.


"Wouldn't it sound great if you could hear a train going off in the distance?"


"It would probably be annoying."


Death in Wes Anderson's films. hm.


Men in Wes Anderson's films. hm.




we are not 2 we are one.


"what happened to your face?"

"i smashed it into a hill on purpose on my motorcycle."


making the train. important.


leaving the luggage behind. important.


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  1. this movie made me want a cigarette too! shit.

    anyway, i liked it a lot. more than i thought i would.


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