28 November 2007

The Darjeeling Limited

maybe i just notice it more now, since i quit smoking, but damn, smoking in movies really makes me want a cigarette. there is smoking in like, every wes anderson movie.

enough of that. i saw the darleeling limited today. i know, its been out for ages, but not in my tiny metropolis. if you can call it a metropolis.

another thing, as a woman, i feel a little left out in wes anderson's movies, or at the very least, an accessory or after thought. the strongest female characters were in the royal tenenbaums, i suppose, or maybe margaret yang in rushmore.

anyway enough of that. here are my notes from the darjeeling limited. i thought i would just give them to you, and you can make with them what you will. if you like wes anderson movies, go see the darjeeling limited. now read my notes.


darjeeling limited.

jason schwartzman.

amazing moustache.

moving camera.

nathalie portman.

tooth pick.

following head.


"if we fuck i'm gonna feel like shit tomorrow."

"that's ok with me."

slow motion

end of short film

credits roll.

as if a prelude.


Bill Murray.

Adrian Brody.


"Wouldn't it sound great if you could hear a train going off in the distance?"


"It would probably be annoying."


Death in Wes Anderson's films. hm.


Men in Wes Anderson's films. hm.




we are not 2 we are one.


"what happened to your face?"

"i smashed it into a hill on purpose on my motorcycle."


making the train. important.


leaving the luggage behind. important.


17 November 2007

hey geek!

you know what would be fun to do on a saturday night? sit at home and watch firefly for the upteenth time and look at cool geeky stuff at thinkgeek.com that you want to buy. let the good times roll. i should be writing my nanowrimo.

15 November 2007

you know what looks rad?

you know what looks rad?

Summer Glau in the upcoming Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Can't wait to see it. :)

This gal looks pretty rad too:

I love when excity things are coming. Although I hope this writers strike gets worked out soon.

In other news, my nanowrimo is truly lacking, maybe it's because I only wrote on Nov. 1, but I only have 1,206 words. I'm going to try and double that tonight. I think that's totally doable. I've just had a pretty busy first half of the month. Hopefully I can write all weekend long, no big plans or work.

In more news I just can't stop listening to Public Enemy lately. I feel that with my lame indie/alt/classic rock white girl music snobbery that I have had pretty much ever since I traded my Vanilla Ice tape for the Beatles I have really missed out on a lot of great hip hop, rap, pop and so much more. I'm trying to branch out. It's exciting.

In health news I think my eye is addicted to steroids. It's not very cool. I keep thinking that it's going to just somehow magically get better each time I stop taking the eye drops as per doctor recommendation, but I don't think it is, at least not yet. Let's hope so soon. I don't want to have to start wearing an eye patch.

In automotive news I really think I need to get a new car. I mean, seriously. I'm driving around in this '86 Camry, that has been stolen 3 times, had a really cracked up windshield, a broken CD player, and over 306,000 miles. The only thing in my car that actually works right is the cruise control. And what's that all about? I mean, most old cars, that's like one of the first things to go. The only problem is, getting a new car is kind of expensive, you know? And I don't just want to get some car that's like, two years newer than mine, just so I can get another new one in like, two years. I really want a shiny new new car. With the new car smell, and the ac that works, and a stereo, and low carbon emissions... ah, if only.

Alright, what's hot this week: s. pellegrino... 90210 season 1... joss whedon (as always, but damn if I don't love the guy.. read this)... my new cell phone... public enemy...

12 November 2007


I had a pretty decent weekend. Sunday was the highlight really. Comic book show in P-town, found the two trades that I wanted, Fell (an Image book) and The Secret (which has nothing to do with the secret religious thingy, fyi, it's a dark horse book).

Saturday I made the statement that I wanted to find something that had to do with the karate kid at the show, and I didn't really come across anything, until I found a book from the late 80s early 90s I'm guessing that is about hollywoods hottest up and coming young stars, featuring ralph macchio, molly ringwald, tom cruise, alissa milano, and many other hot up and coming stars. the most awesome part about finding that book was the fact that it didn't have a price on it, so when i asked the guy, hey, how much for this, he was like, how much do you want to pay, and rather firmly i replied that i wanted to pay a dollar, and he was happily like, alright, and i was like, awesome. it was a pleasant transaction.

i love the portland comic book show. it's just cool to be around a large group of people wearing cool shirts, like, han shot first... fruity oaty bars... various dragons and etc. and to see people bickering over prices of silver age comics and old overpriced 80s dairy queen cups and action figures and to see portland's own brian michael bendis and the list just goes on and on.

as if that wasn't a cool enough way to spend a sunday, nick and i met up with some friends and saw the new doc The King of Kong: A Fist Full of Quarters. Which was awesome. I think I'll try and post about it later today over at Silver Trampoline.

that's all i got for now. oh, wait. in other news, i got a new cell phone. which is pretty spectacular. that's it.

01 November 2007


So I think I'm too young to be one of those people who was way in to Transformers in the 80s. I remember that my older cousin was nuts about them, but I don't remember much about them myself, maybe it was that 'parents only letting us watch pbs and little house on the prairie as young childs' thing.

That aside, I decided to watch the Transformers movie. First off, this movie in long! Dang. I made the mistake of watching it to close to the ol' bed time, and actually fell asleep with like, a half hour to go. Which has nothing to do with the movie, it was actually pretty exciting and attention grabbing throughout, (I of course finished it the next day, early enough to catch the whole thing).

Transformers is pretty much just your standard Hollywood action summer film. And for what it was, it was good. I mean, it was no movie to write home about, no movie that I would buy, or that would make any of my top ten lists, but sometimes you need a film that you can just sit back, not have to think too hard, and enjoy. I am one of those people who cringes yet enjoys cheesy moments, and Transformers definitely had a few of those.

But seriously, a film like this doesn't really need to be like 2 and half hours long. I mean, I know that they're more that meets the eye, but less is more, right?


My geeky little heart just skipped a beat.

Best News Ever