28 October 2007

Drugstore Cowboy

Another movie to check off the 'I can't believe I haven't seen this movie' list. Drugstore Cowboy was pretty dang good. It follows the story of Bob, played by Matt Dillon, who is the leader of a foursome of drugstore robbers and junkies, always on the lookout for their next fix.

Some other faces you may recognize in the film include Heather Graham and the beat writer William Burroughs, who plays a junkie priest who is friends with Bob. It was weird to see William Burroughs, for one, I didn't know he was in this film, and for two, it's always exciting to see people you admire and who are famous for a different reason popping up in a film.

It was also cool to see the parts that were filmed in Portland, always love that, its like, hey, something i can recognize. Going to a place like New York City is the opposite feeling for me, it's like, hey, that place from that movie (insert an unsurmountable number of movies here, especially Woody Allen). It's surreal. But Portland isn't surreal. Seeing Portland in a movie, maybe surreal. But not really.

I always find the tragic story of drug users, or master criminals, etc. to be depressing, because its like, you know that things aren't going to be like, super duper awesome happy endings where everyone is happy and people laugh and the couple falls in love and get married etc. But that's fucking life right? I'm not saying that Drugstore Cowboy should have a happy ending, I guess I'm just musing on it, it wasn't like a sad ending either though, it was kinda like, the end of a Stephen King novel, sort of ambiguous, a non ending, ok, ok, not every Stephen King novel, but dang, a lot of them. It's like Blow, or Scarface, only not quite so tragic of an ending, but you get my drift. Although, for a junkie movie, Transpotting had a fairly up ending, i don't' know if happy is the word for it, but it was definitely not a sad one. Dang, a serious of incoherent lines was that last paragraph, and I'm too tired to fix it.

So, to bring it back around, cool cameo by William Burroughs + cool shots of our fair city + Heather Graham + directed by Gus Van Sant + starring Matt Dillon = watch this movie. Peace out.

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