24 October 2007

Are you in high school or college?

I had to go to the dentist today. My first cavity since age 12. It wasn't that awesome, I'll give you that. But it wasn't the worst thing ever. I feel a little funky from the numbing, it's like being high but only in your mouth.

The dental hygenist, or assistant or whatever asked me if I was in high school or college. That was kinda cool. Just when I think I'm getting old, I get a comment like that.


  1. Anonymous12:14 PM

    heh, i bet that hygienist felt dumb when you said you're a college graduate. i love stuff like that. this one high school senior chick at my fred meyer orientation last may asked what high school i go to, and i said, "well, i graduated in 2000." and she was weirded out. i larfed.

  2. One time I was hanging out, waiting for some slaw and someone asked which retirement home I lived in. I said I was twenty five and they were like, "no way, bitch" and I was like "fo' shure". Then they stole my wallet. That day SUCKED.


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