28 October 2007

Drugstore Cowboy

Another movie to check off the 'I can't believe I haven't seen this movie' list. Drugstore Cowboy was pretty dang good. It follows the story of Bob, played by Matt Dillon, who is the leader of a foursome of drugstore robbers and junkies, always on the lookout for their next fix.

Some other faces you may recognize in the film include Heather Graham and the beat writer William Burroughs, who plays a junkie priest who is friends with Bob. It was weird to see William Burroughs, for one, I didn't know he was in this film, and for two, it's always exciting to see people you admire and who are famous for a different reason popping up in a film.

It was also cool to see the parts that were filmed in Portland, always love that, its like, hey, something i can recognize. Going to a place like New York City is the opposite feeling for me, it's like, hey, that place from that movie (insert an unsurmountable number of movies here, especially Woody Allen). It's surreal. But Portland isn't surreal. Seeing Portland in a movie, maybe surreal. But not really.

I always find the tragic story of drug users, or master criminals, etc. to be depressing, because its like, you know that things aren't going to be like, super duper awesome happy endings where everyone is happy and people laugh and the couple falls in love and get married etc. But that's fucking life right? I'm not saying that Drugstore Cowboy should have a happy ending, I guess I'm just musing on it, it wasn't like a sad ending either though, it was kinda like, the end of a Stephen King novel, sort of ambiguous, a non ending, ok, ok, not every Stephen King novel, but dang, a lot of them. It's like Blow, or Scarface, only not quite so tragic of an ending, but you get my drift. Although, for a junkie movie, Transpotting had a fairly up ending, i don't' know if happy is the word for it, but it was definitely not a sad one. Dang, a serious of incoherent lines was that last paragraph, and I'm too tired to fix it.

So, to bring it back around, cool cameo by William Burroughs + cool shots of our fair city + Heather Graham + directed by Gus Van Sant + starring Matt Dillon = watch this movie. Peace out.

24 October 2007

Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance

Today's lesson in cinema- getting revenge is going to fuck you up. You'd like to think that it's over once you've gotten your revenge, but it isn't.

Especially in this film, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance. It's a series of unfortunate events that lead to a series of vengeful acts. Ryu is deaf, and in an attempt to help his sister who is in desperate need of a kidney transplant he sells his kidney on the black market (his is not a match for hers) with the understanding that they will trade him for a kidney for his sister. Which, of course as black market deals always seem to go, doesn't work. They take off with his kidney and his money. Now a legit kidney on the non black market- the legal kidney market i guess you could say, is available but all his money is gone. His girlfriend has the great idea to kidnap his bosses kid for ransom money. And then it pretty much just goes down hill from there. Ryu wants revenge on the peeps who stole his kidney, the boss wants revenge on Ryu and his girlfriend, and so it goes.

One of the first things you will notice about this film is how pretty it is- nice cinematography. Every shot in the film is more like a painting on a canvas than a film on a screen- and a lot of scenes are shot wide, where in many films you would see a scene between two people turn to close ups, there are many moments in this film where the shot just stays wide. And some of the camera angles are fascinating as well. Take for example the scene where some detectives are investigation a crime scene; it's only about a 10 second shot or so, but it's from the perspective of under the stairwell.

Now keep in mind, this is a film about revenge, so there are some pretty gruesome goings ons as far as the vengeance goes. It's just not enough to kill someone when you are getting revenge, you have to really make it painful for them, slicing Achilles tendons, electrocution, a stab to the jugular.

So, back to the lessons part- don't sell your kidney on the black market, don't kidnap your bosses kid, and don't piss off a terrorist group- all bad ideas. Watching this film though- good idea.

Are you in high school or college?

I had to go to the dentist today. My first cavity since age 12. It wasn't that awesome, I'll give you that. But it wasn't the worst thing ever. I feel a little funky from the numbing, it's like being high but only in your mouth.

The dental hygenist, or assistant or whatever asked me if I was in high school or college. That was kinda cool. Just when I think I'm getting old, I get a comment like that.

23 October 2007

Salad Rolls

Today I made some salad rolls. They were super delicious. I wish I could make my own peanut sauce but that is a little more advanced than I wanted to get into tonight. Salad rolls are really good and super easy to make. It's just getting the rolling down that's the hardest part. I started by stacking a leaf of spinach and then my rice noodles and then cucumber, avocado, carrot, green onion, a squeeze lime, and a dash of soy sauce. This worked pretty well, but when I stacked the noodles on last, it seemed to roll up much easier. No cukes or carrot pieces to stick out and break through the rice wrappers. So that's my kitchen hint for the day. :)

22 October 2007


Last night I watched Léon (aka the Professional). It's funny, because I had just added that movie to my netflix list since I haven't seen it in a long time, and then pow! It's on one of these movie channels that we have a free preview of this week, and then bam! It just happened to be starting at the exact moment I discovered it was on. That never happens. Usually you are surfing through the channels and realize something you wanted to watch is like, almost over. The timing was perfect, so i put down Bram Stoker's Dracula (another Gary Oldman movie that I was thinking about watching since I just purchased it from the Halloween rack at WalMart), and settled in for Leon.

Léon never ceases to amaze me. It's directed by Luc Besson, director of La femme Nikita and The Fifth Element. You've got Gary Oldman doing what he does best, playing a psycho crazy bad guy. You've got Jean Reno, who is terrific as Léon, the professional hitman who takes in a young girl, Mathida (played by Natalie Portman) after her deadbeat father and family are murdered by bad guy Gary Oldman and his crew.

The relationship between Mathida and Leon is touching, (ok, that sounds cheesy as hell, but fuck if it's not true), and Nathalie Portman is just amazing in this movie. She's does such a good job with the material, and it's just so impressive because she must have been like, 13 when this movie was made.

I'm always impressed with good child actors, maybe it's because bad child actors can really ruin a film, completely take you out of the story. I think we could all list a few, but the good ones are like, few and far between. Peace out.

21 October 2007

silver trampoline

i started a new blog. it's about movies. movie reviews, movie talk, movie musings. check it out. i will no longer be posting about movies here, so if you want to read my deep thoughts and academic opinions about movies you will have to bookmark silvertrampoline. please do. and tell your friends. i hope to be posting at least once a day there, since i pretty much watch at least one movie a day. :)

Martian Child

Alright, saw the trailer for John Cusack's new movie, Martian Child. It looks something like About a Boy, you know, a man meets a child in need, helps the child, ends up learning something about life from the child, like, how to relax or something. But you see, this boy thinks he's a martian. So it's different. John Cusack is a little hit or miss these days, mostly miss really, but I just love the guy so much that I will probably see this movie. Maybe not in the theater, but probably from netflix. But you decide for yourself. Watch the trailer that I found on youtube. Peace out.

clear trampoline and the silver screen

With the advent of my new internet connection, and in light of my netflix queque and my movie watching habits, I've decided to start a blog solely dedicated to movie discussion and review. I have been known at times to blog a bit about movies on my other blog, cleartrampoline, and on my myspace blog, but no longer. all the movie action will take place here. so book mark this site, and check back frequently. Peace out.

11 October 2007

in rainbows

is this not the best time of the year for a new radiohead album or what? i mean, its the perfect thing for fall. mellow and chilling. i love love love it.

06 October 2007

Shaky Hands Tour Diary

Check out the first installment of the Shaky Hands Tour Diary. Very funny, Mayhaw interviewing the dudes before the show. Listen to it. :) Shaky Hands Tour Diary 1