13 August 2007


A. I love love love Justin Timberlake's Futuresex/Lovesounds. Frick. Catchy pop is like my Achilles heel. Maybe that's the wrong ancient greek metaphor to be using. Whatev. I also like really cool stuff too. Just ask me. I'll tell about 5 bands you aint never even heard of.

2. I painted a new portrait today. It's been quite a while since my last one. This one sucks. But, you gotta keep going. You know?

D. Keep your eyes peeled for my movie review of Schizopolis in the new Arts in the Gorge/Rediviva, it should be coming out in a hood river coffee shop or downtown business near you in the next couple of weeks. :)

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  1. This is a sweet pic.. cool blog..first time checki'n it out.


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