13 August 2007

more stuffs

I heard this really awesome joke today. actually, it’s not that awesome. well, i'll let you all decide.

what do you call a child that was born in a house of ill repute?
a brothel sprout.

and in other news...

i miss blogging. i feel like i just don't have the free time anymore. or maybe i just don't have the internet.

have you been reading the buffy season 8 comics? because i have. and they are awesome. joss is writing them (at least the first 5 or 6) and its like that same jossy witty dialogue that we all know and love.

oh, speaking of joss, i've been watching some angel season one over the past week. that show is hella good. dang. i mean, its like a totally different vibe than buffy. it's wild.

tonight i'm going to a show at the river city saloon. a reggae performer by the name of pato banton. meg and i will be writing a story (for Rediviva, and off shoot of the Arts in the Gorge) about the place, so we thought it was only fitting that we should go to a few shows there. i'm just excited because i haven't really been up to doing stuff for a while because i've been a little out of sorts, under the weather, sick, ill, etc.

speaking of feeling ill, i have this thinger called sarcoidosis. its like, i have no idea what it is really. it just means i have an immune system that for some unknown reason has decided to act like i'm ailing when i'm actually not ailing and thus causing problems, such as with my eyes and apparently my lymph nodes near my lungs. this is all confusing to me, seeings how i'm not a doctor, but my pulmonologist tells me that i should be ok. whatever. i just know that it means i've been super lethargic lately. maybe its like that line from wayne's world, 'i thought i had mono for a whole year once, turns out i was just really bored.' so there isn't anything to do for this condition/disease/whatever it is, since i have like a 'mild' case of it, but the doc suggested that perhaps i get this lung biopsy thinger, which sounds like sucksville because they stick some tube down your nose and into your lungs and look at stuff and put water in there and then steal a piece of your lungs. i thought, being the hypochondriac that i am this might be a good idea, rule out serious stuff like lymphoma, because lord knows i don't need to be thinking i might have lymphoma, but i don't have any real symptoms of that, so to do a semi invasive procedure seems a bit much. but i think i probably will. because i don't want to worry about it. ugh. that’s enough of that shit.

so i decided to delete everything off my ipod today. i go through these cleansing cycles sometimes where i just have to start over from scratch. i did the same thing with my amazon wish list a couple weeks ago. i realized i had like, over 260 items on my list. its like, wtf. i don't need all this shit. i do the same thing with my netflix list any time it gets above 100. its like, i can wade through all that. i gotta start fresh.

anyway, now i'm adding 5 cds at a time. because i have cds i haven't listened to in years. the first five are violent femmes- add it up, the police- outlandos d'amour, beck- midnite vultures, the doors- l.a. woman, and jets to brazil- orange rhyming dictionary. when's the last time you listened to those cds huh? exactly. i'm worried i've played them out though. its like, you play a cd a ton when you first get into it, and then you don't really listen to it ever again. i don't know. i hope that isn't the case. i'm reviving sound here.

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