14 June 2007

Music Lovin and Hatin

So I was listening to The Shaky Hands at work (the pub) the other day. It was like two weeks ago. Anyway this group of dudes come in, and this one guy is like, hey, I love this album, and I was thinking, hm, he must have it confused with something else, and so I was like, oh yeah, you like the Shaky Hands? And he was like yeah, I love them, I saw them play this record store in Portland and it was awesome. And I was like, awesome! I like them, too, I'm friends with them, and he was like, right on.

So he goes outside to sit with his friends, and after the album was over I put Beirut on, and the guy comes back in, and is like, dang, another good band, we probably have similar ipod playlists, and i was like awesome, and he was like, he you need to check out these two bands, you're going to love them, I just know it.

And so I wrote the names down, and over the course of some time lost that piece of paper in the massive mess that is my room. Anyway i remembered that one of the bands was like, Pete Bjorn or something, so I was like, hey, I'll just google them. So I google Pete Bjorn, and it says, do you mean Peter Bjorn & John, and I'm like, I guess so! So I look them up, and scroll down a bit, and find this page, Stop Peter Bjorn and John, and checked it out. Now I don't know if this is like a joke, or someone who just hates this band, but the site is just this hatefest on the band. I of course, thought, well dang, i guess i better check them out now. And I did. And I like it.

Now the thing is, I hate haters. I mean, so you don't like something. Ok, then don't like it, move on. I hate the people who are more indie than indie that they have to hate on indie. You could change that to apply to any number of things, but its especially evident in a lot of different subculture music scenes, like indie rockers, punk rockers, etc.

The second something becomes semipopular with the mainstream, all these haters show up to say how much it sucks and how lame it is that it is popular now. All I can say to that is just shut the fuck up. I mean, seriously. I would rather someone said something like, ok, this band is kinda popular now, and that's cool, yeah for them, but check out this band if you like them, because you will like this band even more. There, that is constructive criticism. Just saying you hate the band because they suck and they shouldn't be popular is no real genius. And of course, people have so many different tastes in things, so of course not everybody is going to like everything, and I'm sure not going to say I've never hated on anything, because I'm a bit of a snob myself some times, but dang.

Alright, that's enough of that shit. Back to your internet surfing, music liking, music hating, pizza eating, crack smoking, cell phone using, water drinking, child screaming, kiteboarding, regularly scheduled program.