17 January 2007


I have some new ideas... for a story... I'm excited. I'm not going to share them with you now, because, well, if i did, you would be like, dang, thems some good idears. I'm gonna use 'em. No way, Jose.

I got this new cd by Band of Horses. It's called Everything All The Time, and it's awesome. I'll recommend a couple hits. Don't miss track 3, our swords, or track 4, the funeral. Very good. Oh, and track 6, the great salt lake. Awesome. I'm totally into it like it's crack. The only song I don't really care for is track 5, part one. it has this whipsery breathy singing that just grinds. I don't know. Maybe it'll grow on me. Overall though, this album would get a 12 out of 15. If I were going to give it a number rating like the good old days (can I get a shout out for MerryChristmasLadies?).

I also got this other new cd, by Tapes N Tapes called The Loon. Much different from Band of Horses, but if you were gonna put a label on the two, they would fall into that ever encompassing 'indie' category. Anyway, back to the Loon. It too is awesome. Check out track 2, the iliad, track 3, insistor, track 6, manitoba, and track 8, ten gallon ascots. This cd is freaking awesome. its upbeat, and downbeat, and even within one song. the tempo's change, and the vocals are cool, and it's a sweet album. I haven't come across a track I don't like, so I'm giving it a 13 out of 15. Good stuff. Anything above a 10 out of 15 means you should buy it. So get on it folks. Two great recommendations for you. :)

I may have found a new place to live. cross your fingers ya'll! it's a three bedroom, two bathroom house, with a hot tub, for only 700. it's like, too good to be true. i hope that it's not. that means my sister and i each get our own room, and our own bathroom, and we can use the spare room like an office, for me to do writing and play the sims 2 in. i'm stoked!

Anyways, that's about it for now. I gotta go play the sims 2, I'm trying to graduate some kids from college. It takes foreva, don't I know, all too well. :)

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