28 November 2007

The Darjeeling Limited

maybe i just notice it more now, since i quit smoking, but damn, smoking in movies really makes me want a cigarette. there is smoking in like, every wes anderson movie.

enough of that. i saw the darleeling limited today. i know, its been out for ages, but not in my tiny metropolis. if you can call it a metropolis.

another thing, as a woman, i feel a little left out in wes anderson's movies, or at the very least, an accessory or after thought. the strongest female characters were in the royal tenenbaums, i suppose, or maybe margaret yang in rushmore.

anyway enough of that. here are my notes from the darjeeling limited. i thought i would just give them to you, and you can make with them what you will. if you like wes anderson movies, go see the darjeeling limited. now read my notes.


darjeeling limited.

jason schwartzman.

amazing moustache.

moving camera.

nathalie portman.

tooth pick.

following head.


"if we fuck i'm gonna feel like shit tomorrow."

"that's ok with me."

slow motion

end of short film

credits roll.

as if a prelude.


Bill Murray.

Adrian Brody.


"Wouldn't it sound great if you could hear a train going off in the distance?"


"It would probably be annoying."


Death in Wes Anderson's films. hm.


Men in Wes Anderson's films. hm.




we are not 2 we are one.


"what happened to your face?"

"i smashed it into a hill on purpose on my motorcycle."


making the train. important.


leaving the luggage behind. important.


17 November 2007

hey geek!

you know what would be fun to do on a saturday night? sit at home and watch firefly for the upteenth time and look at cool geeky stuff at thinkgeek.com that you want to buy. let the good times roll. i should be writing my nanowrimo.

15 November 2007

you know what looks rad?

you know what looks rad?

Summer Glau in the upcoming Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Can't wait to see it. :)

This gal looks pretty rad too:

I love when excity things are coming. Although I hope this writers strike gets worked out soon.

In other news, my nanowrimo is truly lacking, maybe it's because I only wrote on Nov. 1, but I only have 1,206 words. I'm going to try and double that tonight. I think that's totally doable. I've just had a pretty busy first half of the month. Hopefully I can write all weekend long, no big plans or work.

In more news I just can't stop listening to Public Enemy lately. I feel that with my lame indie/alt/classic rock white girl music snobbery that I have had pretty much ever since I traded my Vanilla Ice tape for the Beatles I have really missed out on a lot of great hip hop, rap, pop and so much more. I'm trying to branch out. It's exciting.

In health news I think my eye is addicted to steroids. It's not very cool. I keep thinking that it's going to just somehow magically get better each time I stop taking the eye drops as per doctor recommendation, but I don't think it is, at least not yet. Let's hope so soon. I don't want to have to start wearing an eye patch.

In automotive news I really think I need to get a new car. I mean, seriously. I'm driving around in this '86 Camry, that has been stolen 3 times, had a really cracked up windshield, a broken CD player, and over 306,000 miles. The only thing in my car that actually works right is the cruise control. And what's that all about? I mean, most old cars, that's like one of the first things to go. The only problem is, getting a new car is kind of expensive, you know? And I don't just want to get some car that's like, two years newer than mine, just so I can get another new one in like, two years. I really want a shiny new new car. With the new car smell, and the ac that works, and a stereo, and low carbon emissions... ah, if only.

Alright, what's hot this week: s. pellegrino... 90210 season 1... joss whedon (as always, but damn if I don't love the guy.. read this)... my new cell phone... public enemy...

12 November 2007


I had a pretty decent weekend. Sunday was the highlight really. Comic book show in P-town, found the two trades that I wanted, Fell (an Image book) and The Secret (which has nothing to do with the secret religious thingy, fyi, it's a dark horse book).

Saturday I made the statement that I wanted to find something that had to do with the karate kid at the show, and I didn't really come across anything, until I found a book from the late 80s early 90s I'm guessing that is about hollywoods hottest up and coming young stars, featuring ralph macchio, molly ringwald, tom cruise, alissa milano, and many other hot up and coming stars. the most awesome part about finding that book was the fact that it didn't have a price on it, so when i asked the guy, hey, how much for this, he was like, how much do you want to pay, and rather firmly i replied that i wanted to pay a dollar, and he was happily like, alright, and i was like, awesome. it was a pleasant transaction.

i love the portland comic book show. it's just cool to be around a large group of people wearing cool shirts, like, han shot first... fruity oaty bars... various dragons and etc. and to see people bickering over prices of silver age comics and old overpriced 80s dairy queen cups and action figures and to see portland's own brian michael bendis and the list just goes on and on.

as if that wasn't a cool enough way to spend a sunday, nick and i met up with some friends and saw the new doc The King of Kong: A Fist Full of Quarters. Which was awesome. I think I'll try and post about it later today over at Silver Trampoline.

that's all i got for now. oh, wait. in other news, i got a new cell phone. which is pretty spectacular. that's it.

01 November 2007


So I think I'm too young to be one of those people who was way in to Transformers in the 80s. I remember that my older cousin was nuts about them, but I don't remember much about them myself, maybe it was that 'parents only letting us watch pbs and little house on the prairie as young childs' thing.

That aside, I decided to watch the Transformers movie. First off, this movie in long! Dang. I made the mistake of watching it to close to the ol' bed time, and actually fell asleep with like, a half hour to go. Which has nothing to do with the movie, it was actually pretty exciting and attention grabbing throughout, (I of course finished it the next day, early enough to catch the whole thing).

Transformers is pretty much just your standard Hollywood action summer film. And for what it was, it was good. I mean, it was no movie to write home about, no movie that I would buy, or that would make any of my top ten lists, but sometimes you need a film that you can just sit back, not have to think too hard, and enjoy. I am one of those people who cringes yet enjoys cheesy moments, and Transformers definitely had a few of those.

But seriously, a film like this doesn't really need to be like 2 and half hours long. I mean, I know that they're more that meets the eye, but less is more, right?


My geeky little heart just skipped a beat.

Best News Ever

28 October 2007

Drugstore Cowboy

Another movie to check off the 'I can't believe I haven't seen this movie' list. Drugstore Cowboy was pretty dang good. It follows the story of Bob, played by Matt Dillon, who is the leader of a foursome of drugstore robbers and junkies, always on the lookout for their next fix.

Some other faces you may recognize in the film include Heather Graham and the beat writer William Burroughs, who plays a junkie priest who is friends with Bob. It was weird to see William Burroughs, for one, I didn't know he was in this film, and for two, it's always exciting to see people you admire and who are famous for a different reason popping up in a film.

It was also cool to see the parts that were filmed in Portland, always love that, its like, hey, something i can recognize. Going to a place like New York City is the opposite feeling for me, it's like, hey, that place from that movie (insert an unsurmountable number of movies here, especially Woody Allen). It's surreal. But Portland isn't surreal. Seeing Portland in a movie, maybe surreal. But not really.

I always find the tragic story of drug users, or master criminals, etc. to be depressing, because its like, you know that things aren't going to be like, super duper awesome happy endings where everyone is happy and people laugh and the couple falls in love and get married etc. But that's fucking life right? I'm not saying that Drugstore Cowboy should have a happy ending, I guess I'm just musing on it, it wasn't like a sad ending either though, it was kinda like, the end of a Stephen King novel, sort of ambiguous, a non ending, ok, ok, not every Stephen King novel, but dang, a lot of them. It's like Blow, or Scarface, only not quite so tragic of an ending, but you get my drift. Although, for a junkie movie, Transpotting had a fairly up ending, i don't' know if happy is the word for it, but it was definitely not a sad one. Dang, a serious of incoherent lines was that last paragraph, and I'm too tired to fix it.

So, to bring it back around, cool cameo by William Burroughs + cool shots of our fair city + Heather Graham + directed by Gus Van Sant + starring Matt Dillon = watch this movie. Peace out.

24 October 2007

Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance

Today's lesson in cinema- getting revenge is going to fuck you up. You'd like to think that it's over once you've gotten your revenge, but it isn't.

Especially in this film, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance. It's a series of unfortunate events that lead to a series of vengeful acts. Ryu is deaf, and in an attempt to help his sister who is in desperate need of a kidney transplant he sells his kidney on the black market (his is not a match for hers) with the understanding that they will trade him for a kidney for his sister. Which, of course as black market deals always seem to go, doesn't work. They take off with his kidney and his money. Now a legit kidney on the non black market- the legal kidney market i guess you could say, is available but all his money is gone. His girlfriend has the great idea to kidnap his bosses kid for ransom money. And then it pretty much just goes down hill from there. Ryu wants revenge on the peeps who stole his kidney, the boss wants revenge on Ryu and his girlfriend, and so it goes.

One of the first things you will notice about this film is how pretty it is- nice cinematography. Every shot in the film is more like a painting on a canvas than a film on a screen- and a lot of scenes are shot wide, where in many films you would see a scene between two people turn to close ups, there are many moments in this film where the shot just stays wide. And some of the camera angles are fascinating as well. Take for example the scene where some detectives are investigation a crime scene; it's only about a 10 second shot or so, but it's from the perspective of under the stairwell.

Now keep in mind, this is a film about revenge, so there are some pretty gruesome goings ons as far as the vengeance goes. It's just not enough to kill someone when you are getting revenge, you have to really make it painful for them, slicing Achilles tendons, electrocution, a stab to the jugular.

So, back to the lessons part- don't sell your kidney on the black market, don't kidnap your bosses kid, and don't piss off a terrorist group- all bad ideas. Watching this film though- good idea.

Are you in high school or college?

I had to go to the dentist today. My first cavity since age 12. It wasn't that awesome, I'll give you that. But it wasn't the worst thing ever. I feel a little funky from the numbing, it's like being high but only in your mouth.

The dental hygenist, or assistant or whatever asked me if I was in high school or college. That was kinda cool. Just when I think I'm getting old, I get a comment like that.

23 October 2007

Salad Rolls

Today I made some salad rolls. They were super delicious. I wish I could make my own peanut sauce but that is a little more advanced than I wanted to get into tonight. Salad rolls are really good and super easy to make. It's just getting the rolling down that's the hardest part. I started by stacking a leaf of spinach and then my rice noodles and then cucumber, avocado, carrot, green onion, a squeeze lime, and a dash of soy sauce. This worked pretty well, but when I stacked the noodles on last, it seemed to roll up much easier. No cukes or carrot pieces to stick out and break through the rice wrappers. So that's my kitchen hint for the day. :)

22 October 2007


Last night I watched Léon (aka the Professional). It's funny, because I had just added that movie to my netflix list since I haven't seen it in a long time, and then pow! It's on one of these movie channels that we have a free preview of this week, and then bam! It just happened to be starting at the exact moment I discovered it was on. That never happens. Usually you are surfing through the channels and realize something you wanted to watch is like, almost over. The timing was perfect, so i put down Bram Stoker's Dracula (another Gary Oldman movie that I was thinking about watching since I just purchased it from the Halloween rack at WalMart), and settled in for Leon.

Léon never ceases to amaze me. It's directed by Luc Besson, director of La femme Nikita and The Fifth Element. You've got Gary Oldman doing what he does best, playing a psycho crazy bad guy. You've got Jean Reno, who is terrific as Léon, the professional hitman who takes in a young girl, Mathida (played by Natalie Portman) after her deadbeat father and family are murdered by bad guy Gary Oldman and his crew.

The relationship between Mathida and Leon is touching, (ok, that sounds cheesy as hell, but fuck if it's not true), and Nathalie Portman is just amazing in this movie. She's does such a good job with the material, and it's just so impressive because she must have been like, 13 when this movie was made.

I'm always impressed with good child actors, maybe it's because bad child actors can really ruin a film, completely take you out of the story. I think we could all list a few, but the good ones are like, few and far between. Peace out.

21 October 2007

silver trampoline

i started a new blog. it's about movies. movie reviews, movie talk, movie musings. check it out. i will no longer be posting about movies here, so if you want to read my deep thoughts and academic opinions about movies you will have to bookmark silvertrampoline. please do. and tell your friends. i hope to be posting at least once a day there, since i pretty much watch at least one movie a day. :)

Martian Child

Alright, saw the trailer for John Cusack's new movie, Martian Child. It looks something like About a Boy, you know, a man meets a child in need, helps the child, ends up learning something about life from the child, like, how to relax or something. But you see, this boy thinks he's a martian. So it's different. John Cusack is a little hit or miss these days, mostly miss really, but I just love the guy so much that I will probably see this movie. Maybe not in the theater, but probably from netflix. But you decide for yourself. Watch the trailer that I found on youtube. Peace out.

clear trampoline and the silver screen

With the advent of my new internet connection, and in light of my netflix queque and my movie watching habits, I've decided to start a blog solely dedicated to movie discussion and review. I have been known at times to blog a bit about movies on my other blog, cleartrampoline, and on my myspace blog, but no longer. all the movie action will take place here. so book mark this site, and check back frequently. Peace out.

11 October 2007

in rainbows

is this not the best time of the year for a new radiohead album or what? i mean, its the perfect thing for fall. mellow and chilling. i love love love it.

06 October 2007

Shaky Hands Tour Diary

Check out the first installment of the Shaky Hands Tour Diary. Very funny, Mayhaw interviewing the dudes before the show. Listen to it. :) Shaky Hands Tour Diary 1

08 September 2007


so, i just saw beyoncé. 5th row. free tickets. boo yeah. i wish i had a camera. it's not everyday that you get to see a diva live and in person.

16 August 2007

shedding my jelly bracelets

so... the day before yesterday i cut some plastic bracelets off my left arm. they had been a permanent fixture on my arm for approximately the last 5 years, like, i literally hadn't taken them off since they were put on (hence the reason for cutting them off as apposed to just taking them off, they had shrunk down to the point of not being able to slide off my hand).

i kind of felt like part of my identity was wrapped up in these little plastic loops around my wrist. somehow it made me a little different from all those bare wristed girls out there, or girls who wear watches, or girls who wear real jewelry. not that jelly bracelets are the most original of adornments. i mean, lets face it, you could probably find those things anywhere. but there was something special about them, where they had come from, and the fact that they had lasted so long.

it felt important somehow, cutting them off. like, symbolic, all though i'm not quite sure of what. my wrist was starting to feel a little suffocated, i was feeling a little suffocated, in fact i'd been feeling like that for about a week. was it really the bracelets or something else? i wasn't sure, but it felt like the right thing to do.

i had had many jelly bracelets over the past some odd years just plain fall off from exhaustion. they loose their jelly quality, get stiff, and break. it was always kind of sad to see one fall. this was different though. deliberate.

i finally had my sister do the honors of the first one. that one was the hardest. the pink plastic wrapped together with the once glittery clear plastic to form one super bracelet. it was impressive that they had lasted so long anyway. the rest were easy enough to cut off myself.

but now my wrist is naked and lonely. i'm a little depressed about it.

but enough waxing poetic about jelly bracelets.

elvis died 30 years ago today

single tear for the king of rock and roll.

13 August 2007

more stuffs

I heard this really awesome joke today. actually, it’s not that awesome. well, i'll let you all decide.

what do you call a child that was born in a house of ill repute?
a brothel sprout.

and in other news...

i miss blogging. i feel like i just don't have the free time anymore. or maybe i just don't have the internet.

have you been reading the buffy season 8 comics? because i have. and they are awesome. joss is writing them (at least the first 5 or 6) and its like that same jossy witty dialogue that we all know and love.

oh, speaking of joss, i've been watching some angel season one over the past week. that show is hella good. dang. i mean, its like a totally different vibe than buffy. it's wild.

tonight i'm going to a show at the river city saloon. a reggae performer by the name of pato banton. meg and i will be writing a story (for Rediviva, and off shoot of the Arts in the Gorge) about the place, so we thought it was only fitting that we should go to a few shows there. i'm just excited because i haven't really been up to doing stuff for a while because i've been a little out of sorts, under the weather, sick, ill, etc.

speaking of feeling ill, i have this thinger called sarcoidosis. its like, i have no idea what it is really. it just means i have an immune system that for some unknown reason has decided to act like i'm ailing when i'm actually not ailing and thus causing problems, such as with my eyes and apparently my lymph nodes near my lungs. this is all confusing to me, seeings how i'm not a doctor, but my pulmonologist tells me that i should be ok. whatever. i just know that it means i've been super lethargic lately. maybe its like that line from wayne's world, 'i thought i had mono for a whole year once, turns out i was just really bored.' so there isn't anything to do for this condition/disease/whatever it is, since i have like a 'mild' case of it, but the doc suggested that perhaps i get this lung biopsy thinger, which sounds like sucksville because they stick some tube down your nose and into your lungs and look at stuff and put water in there and then steal a piece of your lungs. i thought, being the hypochondriac that i am this might be a good idea, rule out serious stuff like lymphoma, because lord knows i don't need to be thinking i might have lymphoma, but i don't have any real symptoms of that, so to do a semi invasive procedure seems a bit much. but i think i probably will. because i don't want to worry about it. ugh. that’s enough of that shit.

so i decided to delete everything off my ipod today. i go through these cleansing cycles sometimes where i just have to start over from scratch. i did the same thing with my amazon wish list a couple weeks ago. i realized i had like, over 260 items on my list. its like, wtf. i don't need all this shit. i do the same thing with my netflix list any time it gets above 100. its like, i can wade through all that. i gotta start fresh.

anyway, now i'm adding 5 cds at a time. because i have cds i haven't listened to in years. the first five are violent femmes- add it up, the police- outlandos d'amour, beck- midnite vultures, the doors- l.a. woman, and jets to brazil- orange rhyming dictionary. when's the last time you listened to those cds huh? exactly. i'm worried i've played them out though. its like, you play a cd a ton when you first get into it, and then you don't really listen to it ever again. i don't know. i hope that isn't the case. i'm reviving sound here.


A. I love love love Justin Timberlake's Futuresex/Lovesounds. Frick. Catchy pop is like my Achilles heel. Maybe that's the wrong ancient greek metaphor to be using. Whatev. I also like really cool stuff too. Just ask me. I'll tell about 5 bands you aint never even heard of.

2. I painted a new portrait today. It's been quite a while since my last one. This one sucks. But, you gotta keep going. You know?

D. Keep your eyes peeled for my movie review of Schizopolis in the new Arts in the Gorge/Rediviva, it should be coming out in a hood river coffee shop or downtown business near you in the next couple of weeks. :)

25 July 2007

03 July 2007

quote from on the road

The only thing we yearn for in our living days, that makes us sigh and groan and undergo sweet nauseas of all kinds, is the remembrance of some lost bliss that was probably experienced in the womb and can only be reproduced (though we hate to admit it) in death. but who wants to die?

Think about that ya'll. I've been re-reading On the Road and discovered that I had previously underlined this line. Good stuff.

14 June 2007

Music Lovin and Hatin

So I was listening to The Shaky Hands at work (the pub) the other day. It was like two weeks ago. Anyway this group of dudes come in, and this one guy is like, hey, I love this album, and I was thinking, hm, he must have it confused with something else, and so I was like, oh yeah, you like the Shaky Hands? And he was like yeah, I love them, I saw them play this record store in Portland and it was awesome. And I was like, awesome! I like them, too, I'm friends with them, and he was like, right on.

So he goes outside to sit with his friends, and after the album was over I put Beirut on, and the guy comes back in, and is like, dang, another good band, we probably have similar ipod playlists, and i was like awesome, and he was like, he you need to check out these two bands, you're going to love them, I just know it.

And so I wrote the names down, and over the course of some time lost that piece of paper in the massive mess that is my room. Anyway i remembered that one of the bands was like, Pete Bjorn or something, so I was like, hey, I'll just google them. So I google Pete Bjorn, and it says, do you mean Peter Bjorn & John, and I'm like, I guess so! So I look them up, and scroll down a bit, and find this page, Stop Peter Bjorn and John, and checked it out. Now I don't know if this is like a joke, or someone who just hates this band, but the site is just this hatefest on the band. I of course, thought, well dang, i guess i better check them out now. And I did. And I like it.

Now the thing is, I hate haters. I mean, so you don't like something. Ok, then don't like it, move on. I hate the people who are more indie than indie that they have to hate on indie. You could change that to apply to any number of things, but its especially evident in a lot of different subculture music scenes, like indie rockers, punk rockers, etc.

The second something becomes semipopular with the mainstream, all these haters show up to say how much it sucks and how lame it is that it is popular now. All I can say to that is just shut the fuck up. I mean, seriously. I would rather someone said something like, ok, this band is kinda popular now, and that's cool, yeah for them, but check out this band if you like them, because you will like this band even more. There, that is constructive criticism. Just saying you hate the band because they suck and they shouldn't be popular is no real genius. And of course, people have so many different tastes in things, so of course not everybody is going to like everything, and I'm sure not going to say I've never hated on anything, because I'm a bit of a snob myself some times, but dang.

Alright, that's enough of that shit. Back to your internet surfing, music liking, music hating, pizza eating, crack smoking, cell phone using, water drinking, child screaming, kiteboarding, regularly scheduled program.

02 February 2007

This Week's Top Five

Top Five Albums of the Week
The Thermals- The Body the Blood the Machine
Beck- The Information
The Beatles- Let It Be
Thom Yorke- The Eraser
Pixies- Doolittle

Last Five Movies I watched:
Where the Buffalo Roam
The Black Dahlia
Mad Dog and Glory
The Illusionist
Sunset Boulevard

TV Watching On DVD This Week:
Cheers Season 1
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume 4
Deadwood Season 2
Big Love Season 1
Leave it to Beaver Season 1

Books/ Comicbooks Reading This Week:
The Wonder Boys, Michael Chabon
Fables- Legends in Exile TPB, Bill Willingham
The Avengers- Breakout TPB, Brian Michael Bendis
The Kennedy Women, Laurence Leamer
Complete Photoshop CS2 for digital photographers, Colin Smith

25 January 2007

19 January 2007

Quote of the Day

So I have one of those things on my google page that gives you quotes of the day, and there was one today from Mitch Hedberg, one of my favorite comedians, so I thought I would repost it here. He was a funny man. :)

"I wanna hang a map of the world in my house. Then I'm gonna put pins into all the locations that I've traveled to. But first, I'm gonna have to travel to the top two corners of the map so it won't fall down."
- Mitch Hedberg

17 January 2007


I have some new ideas... for a story... I'm excited. I'm not going to share them with you now, because, well, if i did, you would be like, dang, thems some good idears. I'm gonna use 'em. No way, Jose.

I got this new cd by Band of Horses. It's called Everything All The Time, and it's awesome. I'll recommend a couple hits. Don't miss track 3, our swords, or track 4, the funeral. Very good. Oh, and track 6, the great salt lake. Awesome. I'm totally into it like it's crack. The only song I don't really care for is track 5, part one. it has this whipsery breathy singing that just grinds. I don't know. Maybe it'll grow on me. Overall though, this album would get a 12 out of 15. If I were going to give it a number rating like the good old days (can I get a shout out for MerryChristmasLadies?).

I also got this other new cd, by Tapes N Tapes called The Loon. Much different from Band of Horses, but if you were gonna put a label on the two, they would fall into that ever encompassing 'indie' category. Anyway, back to the Loon. It too is awesome. Check out track 2, the iliad, track 3, insistor, track 6, manitoba, and track 8, ten gallon ascots. This cd is freaking awesome. its upbeat, and downbeat, and even within one song. the tempo's change, and the vocals are cool, and it's a sweet album. I haven't come across a track I don't like, so I'm giving it a 13 out of 15. Good stuff. Anything above a 10 out of 15 means you should buy it. So get on it folks. Two great recommendations for you. :)

I may have found a new place to live. cross your fingers ya'll! it's a three bedroom, two bathroom house, with a hot tub, for only 700. it's like, too good to be true. i hope that it's not. that means my sister and i each get our own room, and our own bathroom, and we can use the spare room like an office, for me to do writing and play the sims 2 in. i'm stoked!

Anyways, that's about it for now. I gotta go play the sims 2, I'm trying to graduate some kids from college. It takes foreva, don't I know, all too well. :)