12 December 2006

Clip Number One

So I didn't finish my novel for nanowrimo. Didn't even come close. It was lame, it sucked, I hated it, and I seemed to start it over like 200 times, with 200 different directions and ideas, and even characters, which makes for a pretty scrambled story. It an attempt to humiliate myself, I thought I would randomly post some clippings from said lame novel here. It reminds me of something my buddy Joe Keatinge does on his page, something called useless conversations, you can check that out at joekeatinge.blogspot.com. I'll hotlink that later. I'm feeling lazy right now. I need some tea and a cigarette.

Here is Clip Number One:

“Oh, frick,” Amber said, looking at her watch. “We’re gonna be late meeting Beth and James. You still want to go, right?”

Drew sighed, and then nodded.

“I mean, I know you’re probably tired, from your plane ride and all, traveling, it’s just that, with the new baby, they don’t have much time, I just worry that we might not get a chance to go out with them again before, you know, before you have to go again,” said Amber.

“Let’s go then,” Drew said, getting up. He put out his hand to help Amber up. She grabbed it, and they made their way to the car.

“Beth looks so great, I mean, for just having a baby and all, you won’t believe it,” Amber said.

“I’m sure,” Drew replied, not really interested. His interest in Beth had lasted for about three months their sophomore year of high school. That was how long it took for him to get her in bed. She wasn’t as fast as many of the other girls he had gone out with, like that bitch Kimberly, but she wasn’t a prude either. She was pretty, but not beautiful. The kind of pretty that an honest guy could fall in love with, but Drew wasn’t that guy in high school. It seemed perfectly fitting to him now that she would be married with a kid. He was a little surprised that his friend James had been the one who had managed to snag her, but he was a good guy. Always had been.

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