27 November 2006


i haven't blogged here in ages. shit. i got new windows today. i need a roommate. someone was supposed to show up today to look at the house and they didn't. i hate that. it's like, just fucking call me if you decide not to come over. damn. i bought this mitch hedberg comedy cd, and it is fucking hilarious. i love that guy. so funny.

i typed in vintage frog into google image search. and this is one of the pictures that came up. weird. i love finding weird pictures on google image search.

things i'm into lately: martin scorsese movies, leonardo dicaprio, brandy, the office, pizza, and peppermint chapstick.

thank you, and goodnight.

07 November 2006

blog blog

So I started this whole, write a novel in a month thing. check it out here nanowrimo. not my novel, the website. my novel is in total sucksville right now. I hate it almost as much as i hate the fact that i can't find disc 6 to buffy season 4. you know, it sucks to loose a cd or a dvd, but it really sucks when it is part of a set, so it's like, i can't just get a new disc 6, i would have to buy the whole of season 4 again. damn. anyways i'm sure its just stuck in with a cure cd or something... i'll find it in like twenty years. i'm in a pissy mood today, so here are a few songs that i decided to listen to to bring up my spirits... walk through the fire- from the buffy musical episode... downtown by petula clark because it's weird and makes me happy and sad at the same time... higher and higher by jackie wilson, one of the few songs, in my opinion, that one can't help but be happy while listening to, if they only played this song for people who were about to commit suicide, i think the song would bring them back from the brink of death. seriously. anyways i'm gonna go waste some time and play the sims 2. i'm going to try and get my daughter into private school today, so i better clean up all those bags of chips lying around the house. :)