28 September 2006

Gilmore Girls

So I didn't watch much of Gilmore Girls Season 6 while it was on. It was a time conflict with something else I was watching, I can't remember now, but I just didn't really get into season 6. That is, until I got it on DVD on Sunday.

Now I know you are all thinking, what's with C. buying DVD's and CD's when she's got to be saving up money for her trip to NYC in October? Yeah, that's a good question. I don't have a good answer. I'm a media slut. Something cool comes out, I must have it. I've been able to contain myself a little, I haven't bought Lost Season Two, Veronica Mars Season Two, or Grey's Anatomy Season Two yet, but I will get around to it. Probably after NYC. I really need to save some more money to spend in that expensive city.

Now lets get back on topic. Gilmore Girls Season 6 was a little rough, what with Rory and Lorelai being all mad at each other for the first half of it, but overall, and especially when you've viewed the entire season over four days, it's got a lot of good drama, and the whole season is like a build up for what happens at the end of the season. Good storytelling. Rory and Lorelai both have some heavy relationship issues to deal with, and they both seem to handle things a little differently than we would have expected them to. Like Lorelai putting up with all of Luke's crap, like not letting her meet his daughter and putting off the wedding and shit, that was kind of weird, but she finally stands up for herself in the end. I think we really see how much Lorelai has grown as a character over the course of the series, before, like with Max, and to a certain extent, with Christopher, you see a Lorelai that is too scared of commitment, but when she finally goes for it, she gets let down by Luke. It's such a blow. No wonder she goes out and sleeps with Christopher. I also love the two episodes with Jess. He's like the character that always tells you how it is. Like Spike on Buffy. Maybe you don't want to hear it, but it's what needs to be said. I like that about Jess. And he's a little hottie.

The season 7 premiere was interesting. With a new show runner, Dave Rosenthal, it had a lot of the same ol' Gilmore Girls feel to it, but there was just something different about it I couldn't put my finger on. Everything seemed just a tiny pinch off. I think it will come together though. I'm interested in seeing what happens with Lorelai and Luke and Christopher and all that. I'm also interested to see what happens with Rory, will she stay with Logan now that he is in London? Lord knows what happened the last time they were 'apart'. I'm torn when it comes to Rory and Logan. On one hand, I think he's kinda cool, they have great chemistry together, but on the other hand, he's like one of those jerkholes who chicks like and you are always like, why do you like him, he's an jerk. I kinda just which Rory and Jess would end up together, but let's face it, 'Jess' who is played by Milo Ventimiglia has a new hit show, which I hope will live for seasons and seasons called Heroes. But that's a whole 'nother post.

I think I've said enough, and then way way way too much about Gilmore Girls. I know I'm a geek, you know I'm a geek. Let's just leave it at that.

TV On The Radio

So TV On The Radio has a new album out. It's called Return to Cookie Mountain. Good name.

And the album is good too. If you liked their album Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes you will like this new one. Some more of the same sweet TVOTR sounds and some new kick ass songs. It's awesome. I just got it today, so I don't have any in depth analysis to give you, but I've already listened to it twice, back to back, so that says something, the least of which is that I am a little neurotic, but you all knew that.

If you think they're awesome, you should go see them in concert. They put on a good show. I saw them a while back at the Doug Fir before this album came out. They played a lot of the new stuff and rocked out. I really love when I get all into a band, and then go see them live, and they kick ass. It's a great feeling.

TVOTR are playing in Portland on October 2nd, at the Wonderballroom, but if you live in other lands, check out their tour page for shows near you. You will be glad you did.

If you haven't heard TVOTR and you are thinking, huh, maybe I should check em out, just go to itunes and dl the song Staring at the Sun from the Desperate Youth album. If that doesn't get you into TV On The Radio then your ears are broken.

And that's all I have to say about that. For now. Stay out of trouble kids.

It's blog time

I plan on blogging a ton a ton today, because I have the internet and the day off. Good times. Get ready for tv, movie, and music reviews, as well as general ramblings from me. :)

23 September 2006


90210 Season One. Out on DVD this November. I haven't been this excited since Saved By The Bell came out on DVD!

20 September 2006

A haiku for today

The rain is pouring
Nice to have you back old friend
All is good again

07 September 2006

new things, new things

Some new things that I like...

TV: Let's see, have I mentioned my new obsession with the show Prison Break? Cuz it's awesome. Also, I'm into this new show on the USA network called Psych, its funny and quirky and I love it. Check it out. You can download episodes of it on itunes.

Movies: Ok, I remember an old friend of mine from Idaho, Elton Kelly, mentioning this movie, All The Real Girls, like, two years ago. So, I got around to checking it out from the library this week, and I just gotta say it is like my new favorite movie. Beautiful, quirky, funny, sad, sweet. It really is beautiful. There aren't enough beautiful movies out there, you know? Speaking of good movies, I finally saw My Own Private Idaho, another really great film. If you haven't seen either one of those do yourself a favor and check them out.

Music: So I've been listening to the Arcade Fire lately, I'm always like years behind when it comes to hip bands these days, but these guys are good. I didn't like them when I first heard them, God knows why, I didn't like the Postal Service when I first heard them either, but then I got over being a total snob and got into the goodness. Anyways Arcade Fire is good, it hits a spot, you know? Anyway check out their album Funeral. It's cool.

And for a totally bizarre new thing: I just saw a new gap commercial with Audrey Hepburn in it and I about cried. It's one thing to get someone who is ubercool to be in a lame commercial, but it is quite another when they aren't even alive to say, hey, I don't want to be in a gap commercial. It's just criminal. That's all.
That's it for new things. Check ya later cyberspace.

01 September 2006

You know what rules?

I'll tell you what rules, the up coming Star Wars exhibit at OMSI. Check out the website for it here. I, being a huge star wars geek, am going to be in geek heaven, especially if I get one of the positions in the exhibit, I should find out soon, had the interview last week, hopefully it all pans out... If not I'll be there in my usual capacity, once a week or whatever. I'm also going to work the opening, which will be at midnight on the 11th of October. Ah, just like the good old days when I saw episode one at midnight with Amelia Puffin. Where is that girl anyway?