08 May 2006

Poem 5- May 8 2006

Here is my lame ass attempt at writing a sonnet. Please feel free to laugh.

The Star

She was not bright like the sun in the sky,
Not clever, smart like the learner of books,
This Star, she never ate candies or pie,
She had to rely on her girly looks.

These appealing looks, they took her so far,
From modest home, to flamboyant manor,
Not a pretty face around could stand par,
They all sneered, ‘cause she held the banner.

Much like her smile, her looks soon did fade,
A face once so clear, smooth like still water,
Now looking back on the life she had made,
No legacy, not even a daughter.

Never the less, she holds her head up tall,
In her mind, she’s still the best of them all.


On another note:
What's hot this week? Espresso... Sunny Day Real Estate and the sweet vocal stylin's of Jeremy Enigk... Whiskey... Six Feet Under... William Butler Yeats... Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies (wrap your mind around that last one ya'll).

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