23 April 2006

Poem 1- April 11, 2006

Girls in pigtails, ponytails, play jump rope in the street.
Their hair bounces up and down.
Down pouncing with knees like kittens,
Up, reaching for the lukewarm sky.

Underneath the swaying lines of clothes,
Under the sign reading junk
Boys with boney knees and elbows
Throw sticks at the scabby cats in the alley.
Their elfin faces wince in pain each time contact is made.

The neighborhood women hang their ample bodies
Out of their second story windows
Hoping for a glimpse, a scent, a breeze.
Too old for jump rope now.
They, like the flowerboxes in the windowsills
Won't make it through winter.

22 April 2006

16 April 2006

the prids

don't you love it when you randomly go to a rock and roll show and you have a freaking awesome time and the band totally rocks? i know i sure do. i should be going out every night! last night it was the prids at the doug fir. the doug fir is this too hip for school place that looks like its out of the 70s in the coolest way possible. the reason i wanted to go there was a. i'd never been and it's kind of a notorious place, and 2. because the mercury gave the show a star, not that that really means you are destined for a good night. the bass player in the band kind of looks like frankenstein when she plays, i don't know what it is but its funny. that doesn't really say anything about their music though, which is cool. check it out on their site if you have intrests. one of the funniest parts of the night, however, was finding this piece of paper on the floor after the show, and i'm like, hey, stephanie, you should pick that up, and she's like, ok. so we look at it and its like a photo copy of some dudes passport with someone elses phone number scrawled on the back. weird! i thought to my self. even wierder when i saw this guy who looked strangely familiar near the bar. it was him, i was like, hey is this you, and he was like, uh yeah, where did you get this, and i was like, well i found it on the floor, and he was like that is really bizarre because i did not bring this here, and i was like, weird, be my boyfriend. actually i didn't say that last part. but it was funny. anyways thats about all i have to say about that part of the night. the rest i will just give to you in two words: union jacks.
the end. :)

12 April 2006

hey yah

nothing is really new. i'm in a funk lately but it'll pass. have you seen the show weeds? it's on showtime and its pretty good. you know what is awesome? hbo's new show big love. right now there is a preview for the show invasion and i swear to all that is holy that it has been on for like five minutes. i want more lost! you know who's awesome? seth green. yeah. ok, bye.