27 March 2006

maui parte deux

maui is rainy. maui is full of people who forgot their brains on the mainland. maui is beautiful. what else? i'm having a pretty good time over here, despite all the rain. did a little hiking the other day and it was like wandering through the jungle on lost. yesterday we did this big ol drive through the northern part of maui which is very mountainous, and the road is like something out of the backcountry of washington. barely big enough for one car to fit through. it was awesome. here are some pictures. i'll write more laters.

p.s. I'm having some lame-o trouble loading up pictures today so if it doesn't end up happening then I appologize, they will come soon enough.


  1. Isn't Lost filmed around there? Have you seen Jack and Sawyer? Maybe Hurley? Michael and Walt? ... Locke?

  2. so i had this dream that i came to visit you in maui, and you left the day after i got there. you're a jerk!


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