31 March 2006


so i was doing all these stupid quiz things while at work because i'm bored and most of them were really dumb and i didn't agree with the answers except this one. heck yeah.
The Cure Shares Your Taste in Music

See their whole playlist here (iTunes required)

27 March 2006

maui parte deux

maui is rainy. maui is full of people who forgot their brains on the mainland. maui is beautiful. what else? i'm having a pretty good time over here, despite all the rain. did a little hiking the other day and it was like wandering through the jungle on lost. yesterday we did this big ol drive through the northern part of maui which is very mountainous, and the road is like something out of the backcountry of washington. barely big enough for one car to fit through. it was awesome. here are some pictures. i'll write more laters.

p.s. I'm having some lame-o trouble loading up pictures today so if it doesn't end up happening then I appologize, they will come soon enough.

21 March 2006


Hey all. I am just jotting down a quick little post to shout out, "Hey! I'm going to Maui tomorrow!" I'm excited. If you want a post card, email me your address at my email or message it to me on myspace. Ugh. Back to my final postcolonial theory research paper. This one's a dousy! Can't. Wait. Til. Tomorrow. No. More. Homework. Brain, hang on a few more hours!

08 March 2006

Natalie Portman Rap

Did any of you all watch snl last week? Check out this video , it is freakin' hilarious. the part with the little girl dressed up as padme amidala from star wars, oh man. rolling on the floor laughing.

05 March 2006


So Laura and I saw the academy award nominated documentary (although not winner) Murderball the other day and I just had to give it a shout out. It was good. I don't usually go for the documentaries because I'm all about the fiction for the most part but this movie sucked me in, it was a fascinating. It follows a few of the players for the USA and Canadian Quadriplegic Rugby Team. These guys are hard core. Check it out. P.S. Mark Zupan rules.

04 March 2006

I take photos

So spent all of my tax return money already. I bought a membership to the Portland Art Museum and a digital camera. Not a bad deal. I just have to say that this digital camera thing rocks! I can't believe I waited this long to get one! They take freaking awesome pictures. Oh man. Anyways here are some things from my day today.

this is Mayhaw and I think it should be like an album cover or something. Very cool.

this is Leah being ironical by smoking and wearing a no smoking shirt.

this is Laura bowling and I just like it because I managed to get Laura and the bowling ball framed in the picture nicely.

that's all I have for now. I'm sure that there will be many more photos to share, especially when I go to Maui.