26 February 2006

Looking for a good laugh?

Check out this awesome movie reviewer I found over at IMDB. This guy, Jojo-31, regretfully stop reviewing movies in 2002 but some of his best reviews are from the 1999 era. He does a really good job of completely spoiling the plot for any perspective viewer and manages to make Nick Pounders and I almost fall on the floor laughing with his amazing insights. Seriously, especially Joe and Alex, you guys are going to like this. I especially like his reviews of Remember the Titans, Training Day (or as Jojo likes to say "Denzel Washington + Butthole = Oscar for Best Actor"), Twister, Platoon, Friday The 13th (in which he completely spoils the surprise ending), Highlander "one of the best medieval movies ever made", Rock and Roll High School Forever, and last but not least, his stellar review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Check it out.

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