27 February 2006


Take this sweet quiz that is all about me. If you get a score less than 50 % then I won't be your friend anymore. Have fun!

Camille's Quiz

26 February 2006

Looking for a good laugh?

Check out this awesome movie reviewer I found over at IMDB. This guy, Jojo-31, regretfully stop reviewing movies in 2002 but some of his best reviews are from the 1999 era. He does a really good job of completely spoiling the plot for any perspective viewer and manages to make Nick Pounders and I almost fall on the floor laughing with his amazing insights. Seriously, especially Joe and Alex, you guys are going to like this. I especially like his reviews of Remember the Titans, Training Day (or as Jojo likes to say "Denzel Washington + Butthole = Oscar for Best Actor"), Twister, Platoon, Friday The 13th (in which he completely spoils the surprise ending), Highlander "one of the best medieval movies ever made", Rock and Roll High School Forever, and last but not least, his stellar review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Check it out.

23 February 2006

all about me

e. bailey tagged me so here it is folks.

*four (other) jobs i've had:

i'm guessing this doesn't include my current job...
i've worked as a barista at Mt. Hood Meadows
a teacher's assistant at the Helen Gordon Child development Center
a barista/sandwich extraordinaire at Wy'east Naturals
and i worked at Bogus Ski Basin in the rental shop passing out boots to the kiddies

*four little-known facts about me:

this is hard, my life is an open book...
i saw Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace 8 times in theaters
i went to private school until third grade
i really really really love the movie working girl
i own an autographed picture of david boreanaz

*four city airports i have visited:


*four favorite male actors:

johnny depp

ewan mcgregor

clint eastwood

bill murray

*four foods i hate to love:

hate to love? well since i'm not eating dairy anymore i guess that would all evolve around my cravings for just that

pepper jack cheese
sharp cheddar

*four websites i visit daily:

internet movie data base
all music
4 8 15 16 23 42

*four things i want to do before i die:

write my "great american" novel
have a baby
travel around the world
say the phrase "this is the happiest day of my life" and mean it

*people i'm tagging

joe keatinge
alex arrowsmith
nick pounders

and who else reads my blog...

21 February 2006

This hit me

I finished Sula, by Toni Morrison today. I wanted to share a passage, with you, blog reader, because it was one of those passages in a book that takes one's breath away because... well, the because is always the tricky part isn't it? This passage from Sula, a small paragraph near the end of the novel, took my breath away. A rare but welcomed experience. There is something so surreal about the connection a reader has with the fictional characters in their lives. I find it often in novels, but it happens in film and in television as well. I get so wrapped up in what is happening, the story and these people, or this person, who is not real. FICTION. And yet for some reason my emotional center cannot draw a line between the real and the fiction. Its such a weird thing, isn't it? I can single out some of the times that it has really hit me- a few times in the Dark Tower, book four The Wizard and Glass, and book seven The Dark Tower; as a kid or teen when reading a novel by S.E. Hinton called That Was Then, This Is Now, and somewhere in my hazy love of Firefly and Serenity. So many times this connection gets brought to life through death, ironically, but it's not always that way. Anyway I have gone completely off topic. Back to my paragraph from Sula.

I must preface this by saying that it is a pretty major spoiler, major plot point reveal, so if you haven't read it and are thinking you will, maybe you aught to pass by. If you are thinking, I don't really care, then read on. It doesn't way as heavily out of context, but it is still powerful.

From Sula, the end of the chapter titled 1940:

While in this state of weary anticipation, she noticed that she was not breathing, that her heart had stopped completely. A crease of fear touched her breast, for any second there was sure to be a violent explosion in her brain, a gasping for breath. Then she realized, or rather she sensed, that there was not going to be any pain. She was not breathing because she didn't have to. Her body did not need oxygen. She was dead. Sula felt her face smiling. "Well, I'll be damned," she thought, "it didn't even hurt. Wait'll I tell Nel."

This is an almost lovely picture of death. I read Stephen King, I watch a lot of horror films, and death is never portrayed in a pleasant or even non-terrible way in those genres, maybe there is some exceptions in some of King's work, but I don't want to get into that right now. Maybe it is that there is more death in those genres, by the very nature of them, that makes me use them as a comparison, but I feel that I never get any, and I don't want to say pleasant because I'm not really certain that is the word I'm even looking for here, but I like this passage of death, because it is not terrifying. And that is refreshing to me, being a fearful person of the big END. I really want to feel that it's not terror-full, which is probably why I should stop watching horror movies... at any rate, I just wanted to put this out there. Think of it what you will.

17 February 2006

Everyone needs a little more me

So I decided to do a little self portrait work. Here are my results. There are captions below each picture, in case the action was not obvious.

This is the ever popular 'take my picture in a mirror' photo

This is my very own version of that famous painting 'the scream'

This is when the cameras lens cover didn't open all the way

And this is me looking a little frightened. Or is it frightening?

16 February 2006

Built To Spill

OMG! One of my top 10 all time favorite bands, Built To Spill, has a new album coming out April 11th and you can now buy some of the new songs on itunes. This is excitement. Now if we could get a new one from Radiohead the year 2006 will be complete.

What's hot what's not

Editor's Note: I'm posting this at my blogspot page and on my myspace blog because I would like to tell everyone about what is hot and what is not, and since some of you read this and not that and visa versa you will get to read, if you so desire, this intimate look into the neurosis that is C. If you read both blogs then you are just going to have to chill, and find something cooler to do.

So I'm going to do something I used to do all the time on my merrychristmasladies page. Ok, ok, so not all the time, but on a semi regular basis. I'm going to do a what's hot and what's not list. This is a list of things that are currently hot with me, as in music I'm listening to constantly or food I'm eating or TV I'm watching. Check it out!

Hot things this week:

Getting an A on my Eng 448 midterm.
I don't really like to brag, but, actually I do. I love getting A's because for the most part I am a lame student and don't put much work into anything that I do, so when that lack of work is recognized with a good grade I feel AWESOME.

Belle And Sebastian
Ok, I know that I have talked about this band before, but hot damn. I can't get over how good they are. It's always so awesome to get back into something you were once really into but for one reason or another that obsession faded, like most obsessions do. Anyways I'm totally into the song on the album of the same name "The Boy With The Arab Strap" it's so freaking hot I could dance. That's how I know a song is hot hot hot, when it makes a lame-o dancer like me want to dance.

quitting smoking
Now this is something that is almost the kind of thing you don't want to mention because then you are bound to fail and have people make fun of you for not being successful, but I am on my way to being a non-smoker. I don't know how I really even became a smoker, seeing how I never even touched one of the cancer sticks to my lips until I was 19 (thanks e. wheeler) but nevertheless I have become slightly into cigarettes for some time now. I never reached the whole chain smoking thing, I mean, at most I probably would have like 5 cigarettes in one day, which is really nothing compared to the "pack or two a day" that those really cool smokers like John Wayne do. Anyways I had always kind of put this ceiling on my smoking, saying to myself, well, I will stop before I turn 25. Well folks, that is in April, so I thought I would get a jump start on that whole thing by trying to quit now. What better time than now to cut down on something that is slowly killing you, right? So that's hot, quitting smoking. Now if only I could manage to not think about smoking every single second of every single waking moment then I will be good.

Buying tickets to Maui
So it's confirmed in written in stone, I am going to Maui for spring break. This is awesome, because A. I've never been to Hawaii or any place even remotely tropical before and 2. Because I've never even left the continent before. Now I know that Hawaii isn't like another country or anything, but I have to travel over a large mass of water, or is it body of water? Anyways it is far far far from here. It's there. And that's cool. As much as I am afraid of flying to my certain death I think it will turn out to be really freaking awesome.

Ok, so lost was awesome this week. It was thrilling and when the counter got down to zero I about choked watching as those Egyptian glyphs flashed. The black and the red just looked so freaking menacing! It was freaking awesome. So now I wonder if anything happened because Locke got those numbers typed in late or if he got them in in the nick of time. That show is so awesome!

What's not hot this week

Dang I came up with so many things that were hot this week, what is not hot? Well...

Quitting smoking
Quitting smoking sucks. It's hard and not fun and I just want to smoke more now that I did before but I know it is good because I don't have a death wish and boy do I wish cigarettes were good for you like in that Woody Allen movie where he goes to the future and Diane Keaton is like, duh, they are good for you and if only huh? (Run on sentences rule!)

Oh boy I had a dousy yesterday. Migranes are these weird things, I'll try to explain in the case you have never had one. So it starts of with a head ache. Minor, and you are like hm, I think I'm starting to get a headache throughout my entire head, although right now its not that bad. Then it starts to get worse and worse, and within an hour or so your whole head is throbbing to the beat of pain and your neck hurts and your stomach says, hey I want to be in pain too, so it decides to make you feel so nauseous that you can't get up off your bed for fear of vomiting. Good stuff. Luckily I found some relieve in a bottle of aspirin and my migrane subsided within a few hours. Ugh. I imagine that is what dying feels like, and if so then you can count me out. Immortality is for me.

Ok, that's all I could come up with for my not hot list. Lame I know but I thought, why spread bile when I could spread smiles instead? Eh?

14 February 2006

Laugh out Loud

So I was sitting alone, being all depressed about being alone on this momentous holiday, when I saw a funny thing during a commercial break for the wb show Supernatural. It was a Pepsi commercial staring Jimmy Fallon and, one of my all time top five favorite actresses Parker Posey. Now typically I would be like, ugh, these people I think are funny and cool have stooped so low they are doing a Pepsi commercial, but what I actually thought was, dang this is the funniest commercial I have seen in a long long time. Good stuff. Check it out here ya'll.

13 February 2006

I Love TV

So I know, I know, whistling that same old tune, but damn do I love TV. "What's my latest obsession?" You ask. Well I'll give you a list. In no particular order.

Ok, maybe in a particular order. Deadwood is a western on HBO, and it is awesome. Grizzly and entertaining to the maximum.

Now this is a show that I thought I was too good for, seeing how its all about plastic surgeons, and I am above all of that plastic looking barbie shit, but seriously, gritty gross surgery bits aside, this show is good. Good good drama.

Battlestar Galactica
So granted I've only seen the miniseries, I think this show is my newest obsession. Its got all the good scifi fit to, you know, watch. Sassy characters, drama, excitement, killer robots who look like humans, I mean cylons. Oh boy. Good stuff.

So those are my new TV obsessions in a nutshell. Of course, I'm, as always, really into the Joss Whedon shows, which as of late has been all about Angel Season Two since I just got that on DVD. If you want to have a good time, check out some of these shows. There is sure one here to fit your fancy. Although I don't recommend eating during Nip/Tuck, its just kind of gross.

07 February 2006

Dog Brain and The Cat That Came Back

Remember those Nickelodeon shorts Dog Brain and The Cat That Came Back? I blogged about this over at myspace, but I just had more words to speak about it. Soo funny. I wish there was like a DVD collection of those, but alas, there is not. I did find this sweet website with screen captures of many of them though, so be sure to check it out. Thanks to Ky for reminding me about The Cat That Came Back, I had completely forgotten about that one.

03 February 2006

My 50th Post! Boo Yeah!

So today was like the slowest day ever here at OMSI. I think I hurt my finger. I don't really have anything to blog about other than the fact that I have a ton and I mean a ton of homework to do this weekend and not enough hours in the day. I wish I just had time to just chill oot and drink some beers and have some laughs. The sun'll come out tomorrow...

01 February 2006

Groundhog's Day

Ah, it's that time of year again folks. Groundhog's day. I urge all of you to go out and rent the hit film with Bill Murray, and check out if ol' Punxsatawney Phil see's his shadow tomorrow. I know I'll be waking up bright and early to see for myself!