17 January 2006


So you know when you are like listening to something on headphones like on the bus or wherever and you smile or you find yourself tapping your foot or something and then you become conscious of the fact that you are doing it it makes you laugh because there are people around and you are the only one in on it? I love it when that happens. I also love it when I see it happen to other people. Like this girl on the bus today who was full on head tappin' singing silently to her discman and I really just wanted to know what she was listening to, and being a pretentious jerk I assume it was something crappy like Matchbox 20 or something but who knows. Today I did the same thing only it was with this comic or graphic novel or whatever you want to call it, free goodies from Joe Keatinge, Slop: Analecta (it's good so go buy it). Anyways I was reading it while sitting out one of the smoking porches at PSU and laughed heartily a few times. Then, not noticing I was A. reading and B. listening to my ipod, some dude had to ask me who it was on button and I was like, Molly Ringwald, Duh, and he was like, oh yeah that's who I thought it was. Great. Thanks for interrupting me to ask a question you already knew the answer too. Although he probably didn't really know the answer he was just pretending he did. Dork. : ) I'm being a jerk but really I love it when people talk to me about that button, and it happens all the time. Molly's one popular girl.

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  1. i love it when that happens, too. that is one of my fondest memories of living in russia. i was walking down nevsky prospect, the main strip, when it was -20 outside (Celcius, not Fahrenheit), snowing hard, and i was listening to adorable on my discman. i stopped to get an ice cream bar (because people in russia eat ice cream outside even when it's -20) and was so happy i started singing. everyone gave me dirty looks, or i should say dirtier looks (russians are good at that) and i know i was singing off cue. but it was one of the best days there. i miss it.


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